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I was asked earlier by a friend who wanted to get an iPhone. She wanted to know what plans are available from all the Telco in Australia and how much she has to pay monthly. I forwarded her to all of the Telco websites so she could search and pick herself. The problem with this approach is that it would take her a while to visit the sites one by one. Not to mention that she also needs to compare for pricing and plans manually.

The same issue also happened to me when I was wondering whether I should get a wireless broadband on the go (as I got frustrated with my current 3G speed). I went to a few websites and compared them manually.

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a site that can search and compare all broadband + mobile plans at once?

Thanks to iSelect Media Pty Ltd, you can! At, you can actually compare more than just broadband and mobile plans. Their service includes searching and comparing car insurances, home loans, and many others. But for the purpose of the problem I mentioned at the beginning of this post, let’s just focus on the wireless broadband and mobile plans alone.

They work pretty similar in a way – with a step-by-step selection process and concluded with a comparison page.

To compare mobile phone plans, you’ll first have to select whether you are looking to get a handset that comes with a mobile plan. On the next screen, you select what mobile phone you like to have, filtered by the brand, styles, and features. So if you love having a QWERTY keyboard on a phone, tick the QWERTY option to filter. You can also pick more than one option and the page will update instantaneously with the results of your selections. If you want to compare all “Apple” and “Samsung” phones, for example, simply tick on them under the Brands selections.

Comparing phones

Select the phones you’d like to compare and then go to the next screen. To make it easier for the application to filter the plans, you are then required to identify your needs (to determine the suitable mobile plans for you).

Mobile phone deals

You will then be taken to the result page, where all the plans from different Telco are being displayed. You can quickly see in a glance about the plans (which Telco, how much you have to pay per month, how much data you’ll get, and so on). Click on a plan and you will see more detailed information about the plan (such as the standard call rate, etc).

telco list

You can also select a couple of plans from the results page and add them into a “shortlist”, which will help you to compare the plans more easily.

Similarly, finding the right wireless broadband plans involve identifying what your needs are (reliability? speed? cost effective?), connection speed, the quota you’d like to have, and also how long you want the contract to be.


Overall, I like the service that iSelect Media Pty Ltd offers. They definitely make it much simpler to find the right broadband or mobile plans. At this state though, not all Australia’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Telco are listed on the search results unfortunately. However, the results do cover a variety of different providers and you should at least get some basic ideas about the plans from their website.

With the help of their service, you can save some money and make the right decisions. Not many people know what they actually want or have time to do a thorough research. Using a mobile plan and broadband comparison site like this will definitely help them out a lot.

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