Call of Duty 5 Review

cod5 It’s probably not quite accurate to call it Call of Duty 5 as the new Call of Duty game is actually titled “World at War”. The latest Call of Duty series gets you back into action to… another World War II setting. If you scream “No, not again!” then we are on the same boat. This time however, you are being brought to the war against the Japanese and the Germans in the eye of the Russians. There are not so many good World War II games that take you to these theatre sides of war.

Can Call of Duty 5 (COD 5) manage to retain the success of its predecessor?

COD 5 Introduction

Call Of Duty 5: World at War is using the same engine as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Therefore, you will be familiar with all the textures and graphics on COD 5. It doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, of course. The engine is capable to create nice textures and high quality background environments.

You’ll play as 2 different people in COD 5 (just like the previous Call of Duty game):

  • A U.S soldier fighting the Japanese on the Eastern war theatre
  • A Russian soldier fighting the Germans on the Western war theatre

Although we’ve fought so many Nazis in almost every Call of Duty series (and Medal of Honors), this time it will be different. This time, you’ll take the fight to Berlin until the last moment of victory! Exciting, eh?

Call of Duty 5 Review
Where else can you make Hitler trembles at your feet?

COD 5 Graphics

Call of Duty 5: World at War has quite a large amount of blood and gore, which is quite surprising, considering the previous Call of Duty games let you mow the enemies with weapons that feel like having rubber bullets instead of the real ones. This, of course, really shows you the real horror behind the war. We are so get used to play war games that war is more like an enjoyment/entertainment, rather than the other way around. A shocking truth, really.

So expect limbs being torn apart and red blood spills like a river!

COD 5 graphic is not as good as Crysis of course but why bother having the coolest looking graphics if it’s not playable on your machine? Besides, graphics is not everything!

Gotta love the gore!

COD 5 Gameplay

If you’ve been playing the previous Call of Duty games, you’ll have no problem understanding the interfaces, commands, and warning indicators as they are the same as the previous series.

This time however, you’ll be given a Flamethrower at the later part of the missions. This new toy to play around with is nothing to be looked down upon (especially when you are fighting the Japanese troops who dig down deeply on trenches and fox holes). Also, make sure that you have your Flamethrower ready when you hear the Japanese shouting “Banzai!!” and starting to charge at you like mad men.

The missions are varied, so I promise you that COD 5 will never bore you on any missions that you are playing. From being a sniper to a Bomber’s defender, you’ll have plenty of things to try and be excited about.

Variety of missions will keep you occupied on your seat

COD 5 Multiplayer

COD 5 multiplayer is as fun as before. This time, there is also a cooperative multiplayer on COD 5 World at War. You will be able to take some friends with you to fight together on the campaign missions. Not every mission is available though (for example, the sniper mission).


COD 5 is the first person shooter game that you should be playing this holiday season, especially if you like all Call of Duty games. COD 5 plays and looks similar to the previous Call of Duty game because of it using the same engine, but this means that jungles and rubbles look as great as before.

The same problem still exists though: COD 5 is short. You can probably finish the game off the whole weekend if you are really into it. Most probably, you are going to be really into it, especially with so many variety and story driven missions thrown at you non-stop. There is also a bonus mission after you’ve finished the game where you are being holed up, fighting against swarms of zombies. You’ll be able to upgrade your weapons and improve your fortifications. Don’t miss it as it’s actually quite fun to play :)

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