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Meebo just gets better!

Meebo instant messenger online

I first found Meebo months ago when I was looking for a web messenger (msn) online. Meebo is a free instant messaging online service, provided at www.meebo.com. It doesn’t require you to install any software to your computer and you can chat / send instant messages online anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. So if you are on a free terminal at the airport or on places where you are not allowed to install any applications, Meebo is your best buddy online!

Meebo interface is also clean and elegant. The only annoying part is probably the big advertisement banner at the bottom of your screen. However, by a simple click, you can hide it away from your sight.

Meebo supports: MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk (Gmai Talk), ICQ, Jabber, Fixster, and the recently added support for Facebook chat and MySpace.

You are not required to sign up on Meebo.com but if you do, you can retain your meebo settings (background, instant messaging accounts, etc) the next time you login to the service. Or you can simply login to your preferred instant messaging account (such as the web messenger msn).

Meebo - web based instant messaging

Whenever you need to chat with your buddies online, don’t forget meebo, especially if you are not on your own computer. With the new addition of MySpace and Facebook chat, Meebo is probably the most complete web based messenger that you’ve ever had!

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