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A critical, new feature of iPhone 6s that Apple doesn’t tell anyone

iPhone 6s waterproof

There are probably many of you who accidentally dropped an iPhone into the toilet bowl. It’s one of the most accidents that can happen naturally, which would normally ruin your phone in some ways.

Tricks such as letting your iPhone dry out in a bag of rice may help, but we’ve heard many stories that didn’t end with a good ending. At least til now.

YouTubers have done some test and find that the new iPhone 6s (and iPhone 6s Plus) are actually waterproof to an extent. Being immersed in water, the iPhone 6s can hold up to 48 hours (and possibly more!). This is with the iPhone 6s powered on and can still be used straight after without having the need to dry it out first.

After 48 hours:

Here is another one explaining why the iPhone 6s is quite waterproof:

Now, obviously, don’t start bringing your iPhone 6s to dive yet because the pressure will definitely break the seal and send your iPhone 6s to the neverland.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that heavy rain or an accidental drop to the toilet bowl will not ruin your new, shiny, and expensive gadget.

It’s unclear on how deep can the iPhone 6s be submerged into (and for how long) before it eventually gives up and dies.

It’s also interesting why Apple didn’t tell this to anyone. My guess is probably they can’t guarantee this every single time and if they have made a claim that iPhone 6s is waterproof, they have to able to support that claim.

My iPhone 6s review is coming in a few days, so stay tuned.

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