YapTime – an alternative for Facebook?

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If you are getting tired of Facebook with all of its privacy issues, concerns, and all of these strangers claiming to be your friends, YapTime claims to give an alternative.

YapTime is not a social networking site, but more like a social groups service where you can gather your groups of friends, families, and teams in a private unique YapRoom to share photos, videos, events, and having a discussion. By uniquely naming a YapRoom, only invited friends or groups of people can go in and join the fun together. You don’t have to go to a Privacy setting to tick for permission or any complex options.

YapTime may sound similar like Facebook new Group feature or Google Groups but I’ve been having problems teaching my mom how to use Facebook because there are just too many things for her to cope (she’s not a computer literate). Concepts of walls, applications, chat, and messages were just too much for her. Google Groups is more like a mailing list and it’s hard to see replies in a comfortable manner.

Rather than asking your kids to have a Facebook account so you can keep in touch with them, using a YapRoom guarantees safety and not having to worry about strangers trying to befriend your kids and want a meet up.

If you are having issues of privacy, security, and complexity, gives YapTime a try. It’s free, simple, and also safe because a YapRoom is always private, as long as you don’t give the name away to others.

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