Nintendo Wii is so out of date

brain-control-headset1I was just talking with my friends last week how playing games were so different 10 years ago. Back then I remember having Atari console as my first game console on the 90’s. Nowadays, we have Nintendo Wii and a nice Wii hack by Johnny Chung Lee for the future way of gaming. I told my friend that maybe in another 10 years time, we’ll be able to play games using our brain alone. He said that it will never happen because it’s too dangerous to play around with the human mind/brain.

Guess he’s wrong and I never think that 10 years time will be reduced to just a year. That’s right folks, a neuro-headset that scans and interprets your brain will go on sale later this year, in 2009!

You basically put this headset on your head and it will detect any electrical impulses in your brain and translates them into digital data where a game can use and react accordingly. The headset can also detect different expressions, emotions, and actions.

As cool as this sound, I’m pretty sure that it hasn’t mature yet. It will take some more years to fully perfect this device and creating a great game alongside with it. Love to feel how it’s like to have a Telekinesis power. And I guess instant messaging with real emotions attached to your messages will be just around the corner.

I wonder how dangerous this device is in the wrong hands :D

Source: BBC News | Kotaku

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