Tower Madness HD Review for iPad

Tower Madness HD

As the title of the game suggests, Tower Madness HD is a tower defense game for the iPad. Like any other tower defense games, you are meant to build and upgrade defenses to continuously fight endless wave of incoming enemies. Only this time, you are not protecting your base or a space station. You are protecting your…sheeps.

That’s right, folks! If you are looking for the right motivation to play a tower defense game, it’s to protect your dearest pets :) In Tower Madness HD, you are protecting your sheeps from the aliens who are so keen in abducting them instead of you.

Tower Madness HD Review - protect the sheeps

I haven’t found a tower defense game that has somewhat a storyline and Tower Madness HD is no different. You select a map out of many map selections and start playing. Some maps are unlocked until you fulfill a specific goal, such as saving a certain amount of sheeps in all of the games you’ve played so far.

Tower Madness HD Review - maps

There is also a surprisingly two player mode so you can play against a friend on the same iPad! This makes Tower Madness HD fun to play both alone and with a friend.

In Tower Madness HD, towers are divided into different categories (area attack, etc) and each category has a few turrets in it:

  • Flak (attacks air, very effectively)
  • Guided Missile (attacks both air and ground – my favorite turret)
  • Mortar (deal massive damage on the ground + area attack)
  • Laser (fires quickly and burns enemies)
  • Railgun (shoots through the enemies in one line)
  • Plasmatron (has a chance to stun enemies)
  • ElectroBoost (boosts damage of nearby turrets)
  • ElectroShock (deals electric shock to in chains to a few enemies)
  • ElectroSlow (slows enemies down)
  • 3 more turrets to unlock by buying them on the shop

To build the turrets, you point to an area on the map (an empty area) and choose the turret to build. Each turret has a cost, range, damage, and reload time associated with it and upgrading a turret will of course, increases these stats.

Tower Madness HD Review - turret types

The game provides a handy guide on the weapons and enemies called the Towerpedia and Enemypedia. These guides are really handy and cover everything you need to know, including the DPS of each turret on different levels.

Tower Madness HD Review - turretpedia

Tower Madness HD Review - alien types

You can also zoom in and get personal on the battlefield real close by pinching your fingers. Although it’s a nice feature, I tend to zoom out as far as possible when playing so I can see the battlefield better. The screen also slides awkwardly quick once you zoom in real close.

Tower Madness HD Review - 3D

Tower Madness HD is fun and challenging, especially because in Tower Madness HD, enemies come via UFOs on multiple landing zones. Normally on a Tower Defense game, enemies always come towards you from the same starting place. This requires some strategic thinking to place your defenses well and at times, you need to be smart and block access to certain areas using your turrets.

You can see the type of upcoming enemy waves at the bottom of the screen so you can plan better when to pay attention to your air defenses, for example. You can force it to advance to the next wave instead of waiting for the current wave to finish. By doing so, you can get some bonus credits should you successfully fend off the wave.

Tower Madness HD Review - fun!

All in all, Tower Madness HD is very fun to play and challenging at times without leaving you frustrated. There are bosses in the game and they are tough towards the end of the waves. Thankfully, you have 10 chances (or sheeps) so all is not lost if one or two manage to pass across your defenses.

This is the biggest time waster tower defense game I’ve ever played so far (besides the online StarCraft tower defense) and really recommended if you are looking for a good tower defense game on the iPad. It doesn’t have a funky music and the graphics are so-so but the game is just real fun to play and experience! Besides, there are lots and lots of maps for you to play and satisfy your tower defense hunger!

TowerMadness™ HD – Limbic Software

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