X-mini HAPPY Review

X-mini HAPPY review

Some time ago, I posted a review on a mini yet powerful speaker unit called the X-mini MAX II. In case you are wondering, the company actually has a few other X-mini speakers in their arsenal. One of them is the X-mini HAPPY, which is the latest addition to the X-mini speakers family. The main difference is that the X-mini HAPPY includes a built-in MP3 player and an SD/SDHC slot. That’s right! All you need is an SD card and the X-mini HAPPY to start the party anywhere you like!

The X-mini HAPPY, like the other X-mini speakers, is really small in size when carried: 52 mm x 52 mm x 70 mm. It’s round shaped and has a “yo-yo” look-and-feel when in locked/compact mode.

The X-mini HAPPY overall looks really sleek and high-tech. It always attracts attention whenever a friend comes to my house and always goes “What is that?” or “Wow!”. Makes me truly HAPPY somewhat :)

Because of the compactness in size, X-mini HAPPY is really easy to carry in your pocket or even inside the pants (might be a bit bulky though). The HAPPY can then be expanded to reveal an accordion style bass expander system or a mini subwoofer. While in this mode, the X-mini HAPPY delivers a stronger and deeper bass.

X-mini HAPPY Review - bass

In either mode, the X-mini HAPPY doesn’t take up much space at all when you are not using it so you can HAPPY-ly place it on top of your work desk or near your bed.

X-mini HAPPY plays through the music files inside an SD card:

X-mini HAPPY Review - SD Card[3]

OR through a stand alone media player (such as your iPod, iPad, or any other portable media player) via a 3.5 mm audio cable that is embedded on the body (you need to take the SD card out first)

X-mini HAPPY Review - audio cable

X-mini HAPPY Review - on iPad

Placing music files in an SD card is as simple as plugging the USB cable to your computer and then do a drag and drop through File/Windows explorer. You can then start playing the music files using X-mini HAPPY built-in playback controls:

  • Turn off/on and Play/Pause the HAPPY
  • Go to previous/next track
  • Lower/Raise the volume level

Alas, there is no LCD display and the music are played randomly through the controls. To help the X-mini HAPPY stays compact, there is only 1 button that rules does them all.

X-mini HAPPY Review - playback controls

How to use this “magic” button:

  • Press it longer to turn on/off the HAPPY
  • Press it quickly to pause/play
  • Slide it quickly to the left/right to go to the previous/next track
  • Slide it longer to lower/raise the volume level

Because of this, you’ll often make mistakes especially when you wish to lower/raise the volume control. I’m not sure how many times have I made the mistake of going to the previous track where I was just trying to lower the volume level.

The X-mini HAPPY also plays at the loudest volume when turned on. Thankfully the loudest volume does not hurt your ear drums so this is quite forgivable. Although being able to automatically save the last volume level used would be a nice feature if implemented.

The X-mini HAPPY also has a buddy system, like the X-mini MAX II I was reviewing earlier, so you can hook up more than one X-mini speakers together and create the ultimate jukebox :)

As far as the performance and all that, X-mini HAPPY will definitely make its hearers HAPPY. The volume is really loud for a speaker of that size and the bass level is quite deep and strong. On some Bass tests that I performed, the X-mini HAPPY was HAPPY-ly dancing around on the table. Someone actually made a video of this on YouTube:

X-mini HAPPY can only be charged through the USB cable but only needs 2 hours to be fully charged. The guys at Xmi Pte Ltd promise that the X-mini HAPPY has up to 12 hours of battery life! So whether you’re going to bring it to a party or for travelling for a few days, you’ll be HAPPY to know that you’ll always have your music with you where ever you are.

X-mini HAPPY Review Conclusion

X-mini HAPPY Review - Conclusion

X-mini HAPPY definitely takes the X-mini speakers family to a new level with its own built-in mp3 player and the support of using an SD card to store the music files. This means you can countlessly put all of your music collection through multiple SD cards. Simply swap an SD card for another and the X-mini HAPPY will HAPPY-ly dance (if the Bass is deep enough) and play your music for you, though randomly.

X-mini HAPPY is compact in size and doesn’t require any cables (unless if you want to recharge, copy over new music files, or hook it up with a media player). This way, you can always bring X-mini HAPPY to someone’s house for a small party, play some music in the bathroom when you are in the shower, or even as a mini media player in the car. The possibilities are endless, thanks to the portability of the X-mini HAPPY.

Even though the controls are a bit clunky and there is no way to control which music it’s going to play next, the X-mini HAPPY will definitely bring HAPPY faces to those who have it.

X-mini HAPPY Pros:
+ Compact in size, perfect to be carried around
+ Loud volume
+ Strong Bass
+ Can play music “independently” with SD cards
+ Also supports most media players
+ Audio cable embedded nicely underneath
+ Looks really cool and futuristic

X-mini HAPPY Cons:
– Music plays randomly
– Loudest volume level whenever it’s turned on
– A bit clunky to control

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