This is the world’s quietest Mechanical Keyboard

Matias Quiet Pro Review – I don’t think I can ever go back to the good old rubber dome (membrane) keyboard. The keys are stiffs and they tire my fingers as if I’m bashing fingers onto a brick wall after a long day at work.

In contrast, mechanical keyboards are comfortable to type on and the tactile feedback of the keys feel great. However, they are often noisy (even if you pick the right mechanical switches) and not exactly friendly with roommates or work colleagues. This is what Matias Corporation, a company based in Canada, successfully addressed with their quieter mechanical keyboards.


You may have not heard about Matias mechanical keyboards, because the market is saturated by Cherry MX mechanical switches. In order to get quieter switches, they have decided to design and make their own. As a result, Matias Quiet Pro with Quiet Click mechanical switches are quieter compared to a regular mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches (such as the Logitech Gaming G710+ on Cherry MX Brown switches and a few other ones I’ve reviewed here at Craving Tech).

I won’t compare the noise of Matias Quiet Pro to Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboards like the original Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, which is aimed for gamers who require loud, audible feedback while gaming. The difference is night and day.

Design & Features

Matias Quiet Pro-8 Matias Quiet Pro-3

Matias Quiet Pro-4 Matias Quiet Pro-5

Unlike their Ergo Pro, Matias Quiet Pro features a full-sized keyboard. It doesn’t come with a wrist rest, but I find that even without one, it’s still comfortable to use over a long period of time.

The keyboard has a bit of weight in it (about 1.2kg), which makes it sturdy and stay still on the desk.

Matias Quiet Pro-7

Overall, I like the whole layout and looks of the Quiet Pro. It doesn’t feel cheap, even when covered with glossy materials.

However (probably the only complain I have about the material), the keyboard gets easily scratched. If you are not careful with it, you may end up making scratch marks all over the body. I can make a scratch on the surface with my finger nail even I did it fairly gently.  The marks are, thankfully, quite subtle to the eye unless you see it up close. Still, I wish they opted for a matte surface or something better.

The keyboard itself gives you 3 extra USB ports, but with just a single USB connector to your PC. This allows you to plug your mouse, USB headset, or even to charge your devices. They are not USB 3.0 ports, but they still come in handy.

Matias Quiet Pro-10 Matias Quiet Pro-9

Matias Quiet Pro also comes with basic multimedia controls like most keyboards these days. BUT! You don’t have to press a Function key this time because the volume controls are on separate keys. Love! At times when I need to adjust the volume quickly, Matias Quiet Pro excels in response when I need it the most.

Matias Quiet Pro-12

The team has also decided to move the Numlock key and replace it with an extra “tab” key on the Numpad, to make it easier for those who do a lot of spreadsheet work.

Typing Experience

As far as typing experience goes, it is superb. I totally enjoy typing on the Matias Quiet Pro. The spaces between the keys are just right, the feel of the type is perfect, and every key is at where they should be. Being a programmer, I often have to type really quickly (coding away while running some command line prompts on a Linux server). So far, the keyboard never lets me down, even if I have to abuse it pretty much for the whole day.

For other activities like writing documents or emails, the keyboard does not disappoint either. On a single typing test, I managed to get around 93 words per minute with the Quiet Pro. And I did it successfully without my colleagues squinting their eyes toward me.

Matias Quiet Pro Review Conclusion

Matias Quiet Pro-1

Matias Quiet Pro is definitely the ultimate keyboard to use for personal and work. The look and feel is great in general, and most importantly, you can type comfortably for hours and hours!

If you are shopping around for a keyboard to use at home and/or work, I’d definitely recommend getting the Matias Quiet Pro!

Disclosure: Sample was sponsored for the review but all opinions are mine


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