Logitech Wave Keys Review – Best Ergonomic Keyboard?

Being over 40 years old, I’ve experienced my fair share of RSI, wrist, and shoulder injuries over the years, thanks to decades spent in front of a computer. Working in IT and blogging certainly haven’t helped my case. Therefore, ensuring my setup is as ergonomic as possible is crucial.

In my opinion, the most significant contribution to ergonomics comes from having a good ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Logitech has consistently pampered me with both, and their latest ergonomic keyboard, the Logitech Wave Keys, just completes the package.


Logitech is no stranger to designing and manufacturing ergonomic keyboards. I liked their Ergo K860, but after using it for several weeks, I returned to my Microsoft Sculpt keyboard. I found the keys on the Ergo K860 a bit too stiff to press, and they were smaller too. However, the Logitech Wave Keys has now reclaimed the throne as my main ergonomic keyboard for work and typing.

Combined with the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, these two have become my go-to ergonomic setup, and I’ve been recommending them everywhere.

The Wave Keys is a wireless ergonomic keyboard with a wave-shaped design that positions your hands and fingers naturally without twisting your wrists. While a split keyboard with negative tilt may offer even more ergonomic benefits, such keyboards require an adjustment period, and unless you have serious injuries, a more familiar design like the Wave Keys is sufficient.

The Wave Keys is more tolerable and, in my experience, does not sacrifice much in terms of ergonomics. It has received a certification for ergonomics, with a stamp of approval from United States Ergonomics.

The wavy design is meticulously crafted to ensure your hands, wrists, and forearms are in a natural position, reducing the risk of strains and joint pains. Having worked in front of the computer all day, I can vouch for the comfort and ergonomics of the Wave Keys, having used the keyboard for the past three weeks

All keys are appropriately sized and angled, with some keys being larger than others. The cushioned palm rest features three layers of memory foam, providing the right level of softness and stiffness.

With the Logi Options+ app, you can further customise the keyboard’s keys. It includes shortcuts, media keys, and more, accessible through the Function key.

The Logitech Wave Keys can be connected via Bluetooth or through 2.4GHz wireless connectivity with the included Logi Bolt receiver. If you have the Logitech Lift Vertical mouse, you can use a single Logi Bolt for both devices, saving an extra USB slot.

As for battery life, Logitech states that the keyboard should last up to 3 years with the two AAA batteries, depending on usage.


In conclusion, the Logitech Wave Keys is an exemplary ergonomic keyboard, seamlessly blending comfort with functionality. Its thoughtfully designed wave-shaped form and memory foam palm rest provide exceptional ergonomic benefits, significantly reducing the strain on wrists and forearms during extended use.

The keyboard’s compatibility with the Logi Options+ app for customisation, combined with its long battery life and options for both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, make it a versatile and reliable choice for anyone looking to enhance their workspace ergonomics.

Whether for professional work in IT, blogging, or general use, the Logitech Wave Keys stands out as a top-tier ergonomic keyboard, especially for those seeking a balance between traditional keyboard layouts and ergonomic design.

Logitech Wave Keys is available now for purchase and retails for A$149.95.

Disclosure: Logitech Wave Keys review sample was supplied for reviewing

Logitech Wave Keys Review


The Logitech Wave Keys ergonomic keyboard excels in providing comfort and reducing strain with its innovative wave-shaped design, long battery life, and versatile connectivity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their workspace ergonomics.

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