Thin cases for your iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max

If you just get your brand new, shiny iPhone 12, you might want to protect it as soon as you take it out from the packaging. With accidental drops and bumps, you do not want to risk scratching the back of the phone (and the screen).

While there are cases designed to fully protect your iPhone from drops like these cases from Otterbox and EFM, they definitely add some weight and bulk in exchange for protection.

So if you are looking for a slimmer, thinner, and more minimalist case for your iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max, make sure to check out these cases from Totallee.

The samples I have here are the Super Thin iPhone 12 Pro Max Case in Matte (Frosted Black) and Transparent (Clear, Soft).

With just 0.02″ (or around 0.5mm), Totallee Matte case is very slim and fits the iPhone 12 Pro Max like a glove. After wearing a thicker case for some time, it feels as if the iPhone doesn’t wear a case at all after I changed it to the super thin Matte case.

It looks really good and the Frosted Black blends in nicely with the iPhone 12 Pro Max Graphite. When watching movies for example, the blended colour makes the experience somewhat seamless as if you are watching them on a naked iPhone.

The Matte case is made of polypropylene, a hard yet flexible plastic that offers protection from bumps and scratches. Grip wise, I feel that the material does feel slippery and I’m not the only one who has the same opinion unfortunately.

I like how there are no button covers, which means you’ll get the same experience and resistance with a naked iPhone when pressing them. There’s also a slight bump to protect the camera when you put the phone down on a table, say. The same goes on the front part of the phone, but it’s always best to have a tempered glass screen protector applied too.

Overall, a great, slim case that is great for everyday use.

But if you want a better grip, definitely grab the Transparent case.

It’s only 0.01″ thicker (i.e 0.03″ total in thinness – or 0.76mm) compared to the Matte case. However, thanks to the TPU material (rubber-like plastic), it offers the best grip possible from the Totallee case range.

The TPU material is also great for shock absorption, along with the bumps and scratches protection. And the case also doesn’t look like those cheap, rubber cases out there.

The Transparent case also showcases the back of the iPhone 12 Pro Max nicely, if you care into that sort of thing.

These cases can be purchased for US$39 at Totallee website and yes, they do ship to Australia too. There are also various different colour cases to match the colour of your iPhone 12 Pro Max, along with case options for other smartphones including the Google Pixel 5 (make sure to check our review on the Pixel 5).

Disclosure: These Totallee iPhone 12 Pro Max cases were supplied for reviewing

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