The rise of home technology – and the ultimate smart home

Note: This is a guest post written by Lisa Shaw

Home CinemaToday, technology plays such an important role in our lives. From our ‘phones, to our TV, to our work places to our social lives – try to name one part that isn’t affected by modern technology. But what about technology in our homes? What concepts are there to not only simplify our home lives but also add to our home life experience?

One ultimate treat is a home cinema. What better way to relax then with a cinema in your own home. Only a few years ago, the idea of a home cinema was one that only millionaires could afford, but with the advent of technology and the sophistication of the equipment available today, a home theatre can be achieved on a relatively modest budget. Enlisting the services of a home cinema installer can help transform your home into something significantly better than the local cinema! A home cinema system can be installed in such a way that it suits the design of not only the room, but also the house it is in. For example, speakers can be set out of sight, or the screen itself can be hidden, to be revealed with the simple push of a button. Bespoke furniture and multi room audio systems can all add to the home cinema experience. The wires that typically accompany the surround sound system can all be housed within specifically custom made furniture. You could always go one stage further and treat yourself and the family to a popcorn machine!

Multiroom audio and video relates to the idea of having your hi-fi system located in the living room and then portable systems everywhere else in the home. Control pads mounted on the wall enable you to choose your favourite song – even when you are in the shower.

Companies also offer environmental control systems where by the temperature regulation of the hot water, heating and cooling systems can all be controlled by the touch of a button.

Hull controlled

One other way of incorporating technology into the home is by using home automation to create the ultimate “smart home”. Here the control of everything in the home (well almost everything … I guess nothing can control the children quite as you would like!) can be automated – from the heating and lighting to the curtains, blinds, air conditioning and security cameras. All these are typically controlled by the use of one remote control and then additional keypads are mounted on the walls in each room. Many companies will offer a system that can be accessed via the internet or even via your mobile phone.

Home Cinema 2

While all the systems can work independently, the idea of a smart home is to integrate the operation of the technologies so that the control of them is extremely simple. The system becomes even smarter when you realise the level of automation that can be achieved – for example, it can know to mute the music when the telephone rings, or it can automatically operate the blinds on a hot summer’s day.

There is no denying that the home can now be a place where one can fully relax and enjoy all that modern technology has to offer.

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