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Sonos Sub

Sonos introduced its all brand new product, the Sonos SUB; a wireless subwoofer designed to shake the room as a complement to your current Sonos Wireless HiFi System such as the SONOS PLAY:3 that I reviewed some time ago.

The Sonos SUB has a clear, deep, all digital sound, incredibly simple set-up, and a beautiful design, according to John MacFarlane, Sonos Inc. SEO.

Just place it anywhere in a room as long as it’s closed to a power source. Plug and play is the promise, and within minutes, your bones and heart will shatter in excitement! The unique design allows the SUB to place it horizontally or vertically, similar to the SONOS Play:3 I have.

You can also control the SUB from your computer, smartphone, or tablet as long as you have installed the Sonos Controller app (free).

If you don’t have one of these Sonos components (CONNECT:AMP/ZonePlayer 120/ZonePlayer 100; PLAY:5; PLAY:3), then unfortunately you will not be able to enjoy the SUB.

For more details about the technical specifications of the Sonos SUB, please head off to The SUB launches in mid June and will be available for AUD 999 (high-gloss black lacquer finish version) or AUD 899 for the black matte finish in October. It is quite pricey but if you own a Sonos speaker, then you know the sound and material quality it produces.

Meanwhile, enjoy the official video from Sonos:

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