SONOS Play 3

SONOS PLAY:3 – SONOS has just released a new product called SONOS PLAY:3, a compact wireless speaker with an all-in-one Sonos player and high quality sound at your home. Sonos is popular for their sound system solution where you can share the same music to every corner of your house, assuming you’ve got a Sonor speaker systems set-up.

SONOS Play:3 follows the same concept, with a more compact solution.

The SONOS Play:3 speaker unit works both vertically and horizontally. This means that you can practically store the speaker to every corner of your home. Need more space? Set it to vertical, love it.

The SONOS Play:3 is powered with 3 drivers, powered by 3 digital amps. It’s also connected to the internet (through Wi-Fi) so you can play literally thousands of endless songs from internet radio stations, podcasts, or even from your musical collection at home.

You can also control the SONOS Play:3 speakers system with a free Sonos Controller Apps available in  your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad).

According to John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos, Inc:

PLAY:3 gives music fans an incredibly easy way to listen to all the music on earth. PLAY:3’s innovative design sets a new bar for Hi Fidelity audio in a compact package and makes it simple to amplify the music experience in any room of the home.

The beauty is that you can start with just one speaker (budget wise) and then slowly add more SONOS PLAY:3 (or the other Sonos products) into every part of your home. There is no obligation to buy the whole lot of SONOS products at first. Get two, however, and you can experience a Stereo pairing, each playing a dedicated Left or Right channel. SONOS PLAY:3 is available in black or white, with RRP of $419.

Check the SONOS PLAY:3 video at

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