Ring Stick Up Cam Pro Review

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro is a versatile and reliable security camera that offers an excellent solution for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. I recently had the opportunity to test this device, and I was thoroughly impressed with its performance and features.


I love the packaging that the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro comes with. The seal is very user friendly (no scissors needed. It comes with the adapter and cable extensions for when you need to install the camera outdoor.


Setting up the Camera was a breeze. The review unit I have is Plug-In, which means you need to consider the cable management (but there are Battery and Solar-powered options available). I’m using it indoor, and it provides the security that I needed once I installed it in a location that covers the entry points . Size-wise, its compact enough for all the features it has.

The app-guided installation process is straightforward, and the camera connects seamlessly to your Wi-Fi network.


Video Quality

 The camera records in 1080p HD, providing sharp and clear video footage. Daytime and nighttime video quality is impressive, thanks to the camera’s infrared night vision. The wide-angle lens captures a broad field of view, ensuring you can monitor a large area effectively.

Motion Detection & Alerts

The Ring Stick Up Camera features advanced motion detection technology, allowing you to customise motion zones and sensitivity settings. This ensures that you receive relevant alerts and avoid false alarms. The motion alerts are sent directly to your smartphone via the Ring app.

However, this device does not include Motion Warning, though I find that Motion detection and alerts are more than sufficient and perhaps preferable (I don’t really need to be spammed with warnings).

Live View and Two-Way Audio

One of the standout features of this camera is the two-way audio. You can not only hear what’s happening in your home but also speak through the camera to communicate with visitors or potential intruders. It’s a great feature for both security and convenience.

Remote Activated Siren

For additional deterrent, you can activate the Siren remotely from your phone at the touch of a button. The siren is loud enough for the neighbours to hear and incite panic to the intruders.

Additional Features (Subscriptions)

Ring Protect offers cloud storage plans for a reasonable monthly fee (as low as AU$4.95/ NZ$4.95 per month). This allows you to access and save recorded footage for up to 180 days, which is a valuable feature for those who want to keep a record of events and potential insurance claims or police investigations.

Ring Protect also offers people only mode which only notifies you when it spots a person, a very handy option for pet owners or robot-vacuum owners.


Ring Stick Up Cam Pro offers an excellent value for the features and performance it provides. It’s competitively priced when compared to other security cameras in its class.

In summary, the Ring Stick Up Pro Camera is a top-notch security camera that excels in design, performance, and ease of use. Whether you need to monitor your home’s interior or exterior, this camera is a reliable choice. With its robust features, high-quality video, and integration capabilities, it’s a fantastic addition to any home security setup. I highly recommend the Ring Stick Up Camera for anyone seeking peace of mind and an extra layer of security.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Pro retails for A$299 (the Plug-In version) and is available at Ring website and retailers around Australia.

Disclosure: Ring Stick Up Cam Pro review sample was supplied for reviewing

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