Ring Makes Waves in Home Security with the New Battery Video Doorbell Pro

Ring unveils its latest innovation with the introduction of the Battery Video Doorbell Pro. This marks Ring’s first battery-powered doorbell complete with radar-powered 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View, combining these advanced features with the convenience of battery operation. With a focus on precision, security, and seamless integration, the Battery Video Doorbell Pro is set to redefine home monitoring.

Of course, this is not the first time Ring introduces battery-powered security products. For example, we’ve reviewed their battery-powered Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam Pro here at Craving Tech. They even launched the battery-powered Video Doorbell Plus.

At the core of this release this time is Ring’s 3D Motion Detection and Bird’s Eye View technologies, providing unparalleled accuracy in motion alerts. Customers can now enjoy a more refined and specific monitoring experience. The inclusion of Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View allows users to pinpoint exact locations for motion detection, reducing unnecessary alerts and ensuring a more tailored approach to monitoring.

The Battery Video Doorbell Pro captures moments in stunning 1536p HD Video. The actively aligned lens, coupled with premium imaging sensors, delivers exceptional clarity and crisp video definition. Dynamic image processing and high-efficiency compression further enhance the visual experience, whether it’s a live view or a playback from the night before. With Colour Night Vision and Low-Light Sight, the doorbell ensures clear color visibility even in low-light conditions.

To complement the visual clarity, Ring has incorporated noise-canceling Audio+ technology, offering clear sound. The Two-Way Audio system, featuring built-in microphones and a speaker, facilitates seamless communication between homeowners and visitors. Without the noise-cancelling, you can sometimes get the unintended strong wind and environment noise.

The Battery Video Doorbell Pro seamlessly integrates with other Ring devices and Alexa, creating a comprehensive home monitoring system. Users can receive motion alerts on compatible Alexa devices, enabling them to see, hear, and communicate with visitors through Echo or Fire TV devices. The integration extends to features like Ring Protect Plans, offering cloud storage, person and package alerts, rich notifications, and customisable Modes.

Ring prioritises privacy and security with customisable settings. Privacy Zones allow users to block specific areas within the camera’s field-of-view, preventing video recording in designated areas. The Battery Video Doorbell Pro also supports Ring’s End-to-End Encryption, adding extra layers of protection to video and audio recordings.

Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro Availability and Pricing

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Pro is slated for release on March 20, 2024, with a price tag of AU$349.00 on Ring.com and Amazon.com.au.

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