Eufy vs Ring Security Camera: Comparing Price, Clarity, Smart AI, & Other Features


Eufy is one of the most sought-after video surveillance systems this year. It boasts a “no-subscription-required” pro that sees you getting free local storage and smart AI detection. But then, are the other features of the security camera good? If yes, how good are the features when you compare Eufy vs Ring?

In a nutshell, Ring and Eufy are both great options when looking for the best security camera for your home or small business. They are a favorite of many people, with thousands of positive feedback from previous owners. But, of course, Ring has a higher score here as it has been around longer.

Verdict: 6 Top Reasons Eufy is the Best Security Camera

  • Eufy security camera has clearer picture footage
  • Eufy security camera has a (360°) pan & tilt design
  • Eufy security camera has smart motion auto-tracking
  • Eufy security camera has intelligent audio detection
  • Eufy security camera has free built-in local storage
  • Eufy security camera has free access to smart AI detection

(Scroll down for other features of the Eufy Cam and a comparison to the Ring security camera)

Eufy vs Ring: Comparing Features & Performance of the WiFi Security Cameras

In this guide, the idea is to help you make a more informed buying decision between Ring and Eufy security cameras. The article focuses on the brands’ bestselling indoor security cameras I’ve been going through in the last few days. However, you’ll notice many features of the indoor camera from either brand are similar to some of its outdoor camera lineup.

Fast forward, below is a quick summary of the Specs of Eufy and Ring security cameras.

FeaturesEufy Security CameraRing Security Camera
ModelEufy Cam E220Ring Indoor Cam
Release Date20202019
Field of View125 degrees140 degrees
Video Quality2K Full HD1080p Full HD
Video Frame Rate15fps15fps
Night VisionYESYES
Audio functionYESYES
Sound detectionYESNO
Built-in SirenYES  YES
24/7 Live StreamYESNO
24/7 RecordingYESNO  
Free StorageYES [MicroSD Card]NO
Power SupplyPluginPlug-in
Connectivity2.4/GHz Wi-Fi2.4GHz Wi-Fi  
Motion Capture ZonesYESYES
Smart AIPerson detection, pet detection, & motion auto trackingPerson-only detection
Smart IntegrationHomekit, Alexa, & Google AssistantAlexa
EnvironmentIndoor only  Indoor/ Outdoors

While you can use outdoor security cameras inside your house, a dedicated indoor-only camera is usually the best. Eufy Cam E220 and Ring Indoor Cam are excellent examples, as you can use them indoors without being too intrusive.

The security cameras compare the seven most  crucial features as follows:

Best of Budget


Ring and Eufy indoor cams are the cheapest security cameras from the catalogs of the two brands. The Ring Indoor Cam (1st generation) is the overall cheapest, with a regular retail price (RRP) of around A$99. Then, you could save 10 – 30% of this price when the company has limited-time deals.

Eufy also tends to have these occasional deals. Like right now you can save nearly $20 on the Eufy Indoor cam that sells at A$135 on normal days. Is the extra A$36 on Eufy Cam worth it, though?

Note: Ring has recently launched the 2nd generation of the Indoor Cam. The newer camera is also going for A$99 from the company. But you may notice some retailers here in the country stocking it at A$135.

Best of Clarity

The Eufy indoor Cam is the best security camera for clarity in this battle. It has a 3MP image sensor that captures videos with a native resolution of 2304 by 1296 (2K Full HD). That would mean the captured video will be 1.5 times (about 1MP or 1,000,000 pixels) clearer than the standard 1080p resolution.

When comparing Canary vs Ringthe other day, we saw the outdoor cameras watch your property in this standard 1080p resolution. The same applies to the Ring Indoor camera as well. And while the pictures are not as vivid as Eufy, they’re still better in color and clarity than other upcoming brands claiming to be in 2K.

Best Coverage

The Eufy indoor cam should also take the point here. Yes, the fixed field of view (of 125°) is slightly smaller than that of Ring Indoor Cam. However, the Eufy Cam is naturally a pan-tilt (PT) camera, whereby it can rotate 360° horizontally and 96° vertically. In that, you can watch your entire room with just a single device.

The 140-degree lens of Ring Indoor Cam can cover a relatively wide scene of your property. But it’s yet less of what Eufy offers in the same scene. Mind you, the wider lens of the Ring is also one of the reasons the captured pictures aren’t as vivid as those of Eufy.

Best of Night Vision

Both security cameras will be taking a point here. They have an infrared night vision that lets you see your property in black and white quality. The night vision feature relies on integrated 840nm IR LEDs, which have a characteristic red glow.

If you want to watch an area more discreetly, without the “red glow”, you’ll have to disable the night vision feature. It’s a quick process that you can easily do from the app. But to ensure the camera can still see, you must leave external lights near the camera on.

Tip: if you intend to use your Ring or Eufy Indoor camera behind the window, you must also disable the night vision lights to prevent the glare effect.

Best of Audio Functions

Either Eufy or Ring will fit the bill if looking for indoor security cameras with two-way talk and audio recording. They have a built-in microphone and speaker, both of which work decently for the said functions.

Even better, the WiFi security cameras include a built-in siren to scare away potential intruders/ burglars in real-time. Thus, helping stop a crime before it happens.

Nonetheless, the Eufy security camera has basic intelligent audio analytics, something the Ring cam lacks for now. The feature works by triggering an alert to your phone (or video recording) when the camera detects sounds. Thus, very handy for new moms in the market for a smart baby monitor that sends alerts when the baby is crying.

Best of Smart AI Detection

When we compare Ring vs Eufy camera AI detection, the latter is the clear winner. True, it lacks the more-sophisticated human recognition or vehicle detection like the recently released EufyCam 3. But we’ve just seen it has sound detection, as well as people detection, pet detection, and motion capture zones. Thus, will bring you alerts that matter while ignoring false triggers from things like shadows or blowing curtains.

Furthermore, the Eufy cam has a motion auto-tracking feature to complement the PT design. After detecting movements, it can lock on the object and follow around.

Unfortunately, the Ring Indoor Cam doesn’t support motion auto tracking, as it has no Pan-Tilt function. The only intelligent video analytics available is person-only detection, plus the customizable activity zones.

Speaking of customizable zones, the newer Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Generation) lets you customize not only the software-based privacy scenes. It also has a physical privacy cover that you can activate manually to block the camera lens and mic.

Best of Video Storage

Eufy is also the best choice if you need an indoor security camera with free video recording. The CCTV camera has a built-in slot to insert a MicroSD card for local recording options.

To make it even better, the Eufy camera supports 24/7 continuous video recording to the MicroSD. Then, you can easily view the content on the SD card from the app. So, the Eufy cloud subscription, starting at $2.99/ month or $29.99/ year for a 30-day video history, is optional.

Meanwhile, Ring security camera has never had local storage. The camera also doesn’t have a free basic cloud plan. A basic Ring Protect plan will cost you $3.99/ month or $39.99/ year- both yet higher than that of Eufy.

Get A Dedicated Outdoor Camera for Outside

While there are other stuff, these are the main similarities and differences between Eufy and Ring security cameras. From what we can derive, they are both good to watch your home or small business. The best to choose just depends on the budget you have at hand and the features you’d like to have.

Though a big fan of Ring company, Eufy is still my first recommendation in this case if you won’t mind the extra bucks. It produces clearer footage, covers more area, plus has free storage, AI detection, and other amazing perks.

However, do remember the indoor-only cameras I’ve used for reference here have no weather-resistant protection. I mean, they have medium protection against dust and none to prevent penetration by water. So, where you want to watch outside the building, get a dedicated outdoor security camera.

Ring and Eufy have some great lines of outdoor CCTV cameras, including with rich color night vision. But that will be a topic of another day.

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