Ring doorbells and cameras can now auto-respond smartly when you’re not home

We love our Ring Video Doorbell Pro (check the review out) but it feels as if it’s starting to get a bit outdated compared to an Arlo Video Doorbell where you can leave pre-recorded messages. It’s quite handy if you can’t talk but just want to have some messages to the visitors.

But there were times when we were also out and couldn’t even check our phone when a visitor came and rang the doorbell. Now with Ring’s new update called “Smart Responses”, these issues will be in the past and more importantly, bring Ring up to speed with Arlo.

There are three major features included within this “Smart Responses” new update, i.e: Alexa Greetings, Quick Replies, and Motion Warnings.

With Alexa Greetings (available on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro only with subscription), Alexa can smartly interact with the visitor by asking question and replying smartly based on the visitor’s response. You can choose how long should Alexa wait before answering the door (in case you’re home) and can specify where package deliveries should be left.

Quick Replies (available on all Ring doorbells except Ring Video Doorbell Wired) allows you to choose a list of six preset responses if you can’t get to the door. And there is also a preset asking the visitor to wait for a few moments. Quite handy if you’re at home because people tend to be impatient while waiting outside the door.

There are times when you just want to scare intruders away automatically (like a siren) but without scaring real visitors to your house. Motion Warnings (available on all wired doorbells except Video Doorbell Wired, Spotlight Cam Wired, Floodlight Cam, and Indoor Cam) give you an audible alert to let visitors know that they are being recorded.

When a motion is detected, the device can now say “Warning – you are now being monitored and recorded by Ring”. I’ll probably turn this off but it’d be nice to be able to schedule this out (i.e turn it on while we’re asleep only).

Not sure when these updates hit Australia as my Ring app has not shown any changes so far. Hopefully soon.

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