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Leapfish logoI’ve honestly never heard about LeapFish until today. LeapFish is actually a powerful and quick search engine that captures results from multiple sources, such as posts, online shops, yahoo answers, videos, etc. How does this different from Google? Well for a start, LeapFish is lightning fast! Once you type in your queries, you’ll see the results being presented to you right away in front of your nose. The results are also grouped automatically based on the media or type of sites containing the results you might be looking for.

News from the press release, LeapFish plans to unveil “a new multimedia and real-time search, communication and sharing platform.”

With social media sites popping up like crazy nowadays, a good search engine should be able to manage and retrieve the results from these social platforms effectively.

Human conversations (Twitter replies or the Facebook status) sometimes actually give a more accurate and genuine information. When you are searching for a product review, for example, reading a consumer forum might actually give you more feedback compared to a review site. A bunch of people using the same product giving you the pros and cons of the product simultaneously, now that’s a real genuine info!

Okay, so we already have Google, right? So I’m quite excited to find out what LeapFish can offer that Google can’t at the moment. With lots of people still hanging to the might Google search engine (and Bing), it will be a challenge for LeapFish to bring something new on the table. Threaded results for social sites’ conversations perhaps? Or audio-to-text search on videos? Probably expecting too much here but it’s always interesting to hear new technologies being invented.

Do you think Google and Bing already deliver what you want from the search engines today?


* LeapFish is conducting private demos prior to the highly anticipated launch, if interested please email [email protected]


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