Osama Execution Video spam on Facebook. Beware!

Osama Execution Video spam on FacebookA friend of mine “shared” a link to my Facebook wall earlier tonight about the Osama Execution Video. It sparked my interest at first (as I would really love to see the execution video of Osama bin Laden!).

However, she posted it in English instead of in Indonesian (my primary language) which triggered a yellow alert.

Upon checking my Facebook news feed, I saw her sharing the same thing to dozens of friends which made me smile (ok, evil me) – “this is definitely a spam, poor girl”. I posted on her wall about this and she called me right away, lol. I asked her to remove the post “she made” one by one on everyone’s walls to make sure no one falls into the prey.

I’m not too sure what would happen if you click on the link and try to watch the dodgy Osama bin Laden execution video but I can tell for sure, there is no such video and most likely, clicking on that link will spam your Facebook friends too!

I’m sure there will be more news from other blogs or tech sites about this new Facebook spam later today. So let us wait to get more details and see what this is all about.

So please, do not click that link and share this news to your Facebook friends. If such video is not on YouTube, then it’s a fake for sure :) Although I did remember watching Saddam Hussein’s execution video somewhere else (not in YouTube)..ugh.. anyway, moving on.

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