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This portable speaker is shockproof, waterproof, sandproof, and snowproof

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NudeAudio Super M Review – Over the recent months I had been getting my hands on several wireless speakers of various global brands, so when I came across the opportunity to try out a wireless speaker from a slightly less known name to me, I immediately jumped in with my curiosity.

Nude Audio Super M is one of many in a range of wireless speakers on offer by this company.  I was already happy the second I saw the packaging. It is thoughtfully designed with thick fiberglass case, wrapped with high quality carton cover and a side information flap for an even premium look and sophistication.

Unboxing the product is very effortless and no additional tools were required to get the speaker out of the box.

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The box contains only the speaker and the USB charger cable (which means you would have to supply the bit that connects your cable to the power supply).

Connecting my smartphone and my tablet to the speaker for the first time was incredibly quick and painless. As I turned on the speaker, the Bluetooth automatically went to searching mode. I then selected “Nude Super-M” from the list of available devices and that’s it! I was ready to stream.

Just like I expected, I only needed to do the setup once as the speaker automatically connects to my smartphone the next time I turned it on. The Bluetooth connection supports both wireless music streaming as well as hands-free calls.

The size of NudeAudio Super M is just right, I really don’t mind carrying it  along with me when I go. The portable and lightweight speaker (that only weighs around 170 grams) is also a perfect companion on the beach and snowy mountains. You can even fit it in a back pocket of some standard pants without pulling them down, thanks to its lightweight design. The rounded shape with silicon sleeve keeps it protected.


I was actually a little surprised that it could pack so much punch when it spits out the audio. I believe the reason is because it has speakers on both sides of the device, which is something you are yet to witness from other wireless speakers. It has 4 full-range drivers using Neodymium magnets and 2 passive subwoofers within that small package. It’s hard to imagine how they can pack so many things inside this little unit.

The major selling points of NudeAudio Super M that other speakers available in the market don’t have is the fact that this speaker is waterproof, shockproof, sandproof, and snowproof  while delivering good audio quality.

Nude M comes with a small rope strap which you can use to hang the speaker in the shower (NudeAudio even encourages you to use the speaker in the shower), or use it as a wristlet to secure the speaker when you are out and about.

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The NudeAudio Super M battery lasts around 8 hours. To recharge, NudeAudio Super M uses the standard micro USB cable which is included in
the pack. The charger hole is covered by a flap so the element won’t be exposed by water when used in the shower.

I am not being over the top, but with an affordable price point of $129 RRP (available from Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Move, and independent audio retailers) , the NudeAudio Super M is definitely a must buy, both for you and for gifts!

Disclosure: Sample was sponsored for the review but all opinions are 100% mine

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