NAVIGON for Smartphones gets an update


NAVIGON 2 for iPhone and NAVIGON 4 for Android devices are coming in a few weeks. NAVIGON is one of the most popular navigation apps for the smartphones – check Craving Tech’s NAVIGON for iPhone review among the other GPS apps.

The new version includes a new interface update (a simplified user interface), map updating features, and a few more such as monitoring drivers’ behaviors.

According to Gerhard Mayr, NAVIGON vice-president, they went back to the drawing board to investigate on how to take the smartphone navigation to the next level. According to him, most of their users want a better way to update maps and to have a more intuitive user interface. These two points made it to the top priorities. The company listens and delivers.

NAVIGON for Android 4.0 CockpitNAVIGON for Android 4.0 Main Menu 2

NAVIGON’s navigation apps for Android devices and the iPhone will include the following new features:

New Map Update Capabilities

Quarterly map updates will be offered by NAVIGON FreshMaps and will ensure the most accurate maps possible for a one-time fee for the lifetime of the product.

Simplified User Interface

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Each application for different devices will be customised to take advantage of the platform and to provide the best experience in it. NAVIGON’S iPhone app allows users to use multi-touch gestures, for example.

Other Features

The new Android app will have a new cockpit function that displays real-time driving data to monitor driving behaviors. This will ensure the best customised experience for different drivers and users of the app.

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If you have a Samsung Galaxy S II, you’ll also get the NAVIGON for free (a simplified version, I should say as it doesn’t include spoken street names and a few other goodies).

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