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LG Chocolate Touch from IZEA

A gift from IZEAYesterday I received one of the newest touch phones from LG, the LG Chocolate Touch (check out the LG Chocolate Touch coverage post). The package was in a green box, labeled IZEA (it’s a pretty cool delivery box :)).

There was also a letter that says:


We’ve identified you as a master-blogger, and felt it only fitting you receive this highly advanced device to suit all your mobile blogging, media, and musical needs.”

A sweet note indeed. So let’s see what’s inside the package.

LG Chocolate Touch package

IZEA stickers

LG Chocolate Touch

LG Chocolate Touch Phone

Oh! and I almost forgot, a nice t-shirt promoting Sponzai, IZEA’s latest Sponsored Guest Post service:

Sponzai T-Shirt

An LG Chocolate Touch review coming right up at CravingTech.com!

Many thanks to IZEA for the gift!

UPDATE: Check out my LG Chocolate Touch Review

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