LG Chocolate Touch comes with Dolby sound

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

LG Chocolate TouchBy the end of 2009, most phones must satisfy these requirements: ability to make/receive calls, send/receive texts, browse the net, Social Media integration (Twitter & Facebook), take pictures, and record videos. LG Chocolate Touch just adds another extra to the mix: a Dolby sound with the Dolby Mobile Technology! Now, this means that we no longer need a camera, a camcorder, and a nice big badda boom speaker!

Most mobile phones have either a quite apalling camera or a so-so sound quality, so if LG Chocolate Touch can beat all that, I’m sure there’ll be lots of smiling faces on the planet. But of course, if you are a professional photographer or a great movie maker, you’ll still need those DSLR and HD camcorders.

LG Chocolate Touch Highlighted Features

  • Dolby Mobile
    I’m not even aware that such technology even exists. I am so get used to seeing the Dolby surround tag in a cinema but I can never imagine having the same technology on a mobile phone. If you go to LG Chocolate Touch site, you can actually feel the difference. But to be honest, it all depends on the phone’s speaker (or the ear phone) as well so it will be a bit hard to justify the quality but you’ll at least get a feel of it.
  • Rythmical Beat – vibrates the handset to the beat of the music. Something new to play around with.
  • Social Network Message Key – send quick updates to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, or added social networks with one key touch.
  • Mobile Media – top-notch text, picture, video, and voice messaging, including Visual Voicemail.
  • 3.2MP Camera/Recorder–quality pictures and videos, with image editor.
  • Panorama—take up to 3 guided shots in a row for a wide area view.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed Support.

So if you are looking for both a great music player, camera, and a new phone, be sure to check LG Chocolate Touch out!

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