Latest Gadgets 2011 Part II – Out of the box gaming gadgets


Note: This is a guest post written by Sara Woods

Latest Gadgets 2011: Gaming Gadgets – Besides trying to figure out how to get new games at a discount, gamers are always on the lookout for the next big thing in the gaming industry. In fact, it does not even have to be that big. It just has to be new and look cool. New game systems do not come out as often as they used to. Because of this, instead of rushing to the store to buy the newest console, gamers are focusing their attention and spending their dollars on new gadgets and accessories.

Manufacturers are glad to supply this growing demand, and every year sees a new succession of headphones, mice, console covers, and toys designed specifically for gamers. Below some of the best gaming gadgets that could make it to market in 2012 are examined.

The Datel Turbofire 360

Turbo Fire 2

Those who love shooters know that the speed at which you can zoom in, zoom out, change weapons, or pull up a map can make the difference between life and death. The Datel Turbofire seeks to improve a gamer’s speed under fire by adding a built-in LCD screen to its new controller. This screen will allow gamers to more quickly access and navigate in game menus. This new controller will certainly give the user a distinct advantage over the competition.

Discovery Bay Games’ Atari Arcade

Atari Arcade

The Atari’s Greatest Hits app has already exceeded over 3 million downloads from iTunes. It is great to relive old memories of wood-paneled walls, Tab, and hours playing Galaga in a smoke-filled arcade, but some gamers itch to kick the nostalgia up a notch.

The Atari Arcade is an iPad compatible dock that features an analog joystick and four buttons. Sound familiar? The nostalgic design takes the gamer back to those smoke filled arcades, and in the end, it is much cheaper than spending hours feeding quarters into a machine.

Off Action’s SmellIt


Gamers have long wanted to smell rotting corpses, burning diesel fuel, and the acrid stench of ozone that accompanies a plasma ray. Now with the new SmellIt, they can send their brain into olfactory overload.

SmellIt, which looks remarkably like an array of jet engines, offers gamers the opportunity to immerse themselves fully into their games. Off Action promises that you will not only see and hear the sights and sounds of a battlefield, gamers will also get to smell the battlefield.

SteelSeries Desmo


Anyone who has spent hours playing a game knows the strain it puts on the eyes. Eyes get dry, vision blurs, and it becomes difficult to focus. Visual acuity can mean the difference between life and death in games. Many would advise taking a break from the screen, but who has the time? The team needs a sharpshooter! To address the problem of eye fatigue, SteelSeries offers the Desmo. These stylish shooter’s glasses promise to improve vision, increase endurance, reduce eyestrain, and speed the recovery process.

For gamers, saving money on new gadgets is not a priority. Gaining a competitive edge and looking cool never come cheaply. Gamers might have to shell out a little more cash, but with these new gaming gadgets, they will rule their respective battlefields.

Note: This guest post was written by Sara Woods, a writer for Coupon Croc. Shopping online for the hottest electronics this holiday season? Grab AJ Electronics discount codes and save on your online purchases.

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