7 Gadgets Great For Everyday Use

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Note: This is a guest post written by Samantha M

Who doesn’t wish that their everyday life would be easier? Apparently, everyone does. From cleaning the floor and boiling water to doing the laundry and grilling meat, everyone wishes to have some kind of help in doing these mundane tasks.

With the latest advancement in technology today, smart gadgets are here to help. There are hundreds of gadgets and devices that one can bring home and take everywhere to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Here are seven of these helpful gadgets.

[1] USB Charging Stations

Most homes today have more than one tablet and smartphone. Charging these gadgets can be very tricky. USB charging stations offer a solution. With multiple access points, one can plug in their devices through the USB ports for simultaneous charging.

These stations usually have four ports, but you can find a larger one if needed. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, the USB charging stations are the answer to device charging problems.

[2] Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Sit down, put your feet up, and relax. With the latest robotic cleaners, scrubbing the floor of your home is now as easy as pushing a button. Robotic vacuum cleaners are programmable, and you can add and change its cleaning schedules.

Neato XV-21

Most of these smart vacuum cleaners can handle all types of floors and carpets. Have a cleaner home without sweating.

[3] Tablets and Smartphone

Want to watch your favorite TV shows or browse the Internet while on the go? Tablets and smartphones have become an important companion for most people these days.

Aside from calling and messaging contacts, most of these gadgets are now able to take awesome photos and videos with various effects as well as produce Word, Excel, and even Powerpoint presentations.

[4] Gaming Laptops


Smartphones and tablets can now support games. However, the more awesome games are too heavy for most of these mobile devices—a problem for gamers who love to travel. This is where gaming laptops come in.

Although heavier than your smartphone and tablet, laptops for gaming can rival the power and capacity of most desktop computers. Equipped with powerful graphic and audio cards, powerful processors, and large drives, gaming laptops are also used by graphic artists, video editors, and programmers to do some work.

[5] Laundry Folding Machine

With smart washing machines, doing the laundry is now easier. But the problem is when the washing is done, you still have to press and fold the garments. Laundry folding machines are here to do that for you.

By clipping the clothing to the machine, all you have to do is to watch the machine take the clothing inside and wait for the machine to eject the clothing already steamed, soften, de-wrinkled, and folded. This is the perfect machine to help you save more time and be more productive every day.

[6] Digital Butler

Control your home through voice commands and preset programs. As the drive for a smarter home is going up, digital butlers have become a home staple. Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are the only two gadgets that are available in the market right now, but more will surely appear in the near future.

Book an Uber, dim the lights, turn on the heater, order food, and more. With voice commands, let your Cloud-based digital butler do the tiring house chores.

[7] Portable Battery


One of the most common problems for people who are always on the go is having their devices run out of power, even after trying to conserve their batteries. Without any place to charge them, it can lead to missed calls, cancelled appointments, and many more headaches.

With the help of portable battery chargers, people on the go can be at ease that they can recharge their devices even while hiking on a mountain trail or relaxing at the beach.

And Many More!

These smart gadgets are just some of the awesome tools that are not only great for everyday use, but also to help people get more connected and productive. More gadgets are being made every year as technology develops. Always be on the lookout for devices that can make your life easier.

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