Join Entrecard now for a chance to win lots of credits!

Join Entrecard now and have a chance to win lots of credits to your Entrecard account! If you have a blog, then I’d recommend you to join Entrecard. It’s a free community of bloggers and will definitely bring traffic to your blog.

Entrecard has brought me thousands of traffics. It increases my Alexa rank and also the number of comments on my blog. All because I have made some friends and people who are all passionate about blogging.

Read more if you are interested to find out more about Entrecard and the contest!

Every Entrecard members will have their own account and profile. You will have a chance to promote your site through a 125×125 banner to other Entrecard members. You "advertise" your banner to other sites with Entrecard credits. Credits can be earned by "dropping" your banner to another site through the Entrecard widget (It’s the "E" widget on my blog, located on the right) or when other members drop their banners/cards to you. Depending on the popularity of the site, advertising can cost you from 2 credits up to hundreds of credits.

So if you have a blog, you have nothing to lose and you’ll definitely get traffics to your site! You must join now, because you will have a chance to win a bunch of credits! These credits can be used to advertise on other popular blogs. The contest is held and organised by an Entrecard member, Kacie I am honored to offer my help to host the contest under the "Technology" category because I love Entrecard so much, and it has become a community that I’m so addicted into.

Here are the contest details:

  • The giveaway will be held March 15 – April 15.
  • Only new users that sign up with Entrecard during this promotional period will be eligible.
  • Comment and mention your Entrecard profile URL (after you join, there’s a "Dashboard" link on the top menu after you log in. Right click and copy the URL. Change the ../user/.. to ../details/…. It should then look like: at any of the hosting blogs on their contest post to receive a contest entry. You can comment one time on each hosting blog to receive one entry each comment (I’ll put up the list later, but meanwhile, you can post a comment here on my blog to gain one entry to the giveaway!)
  • A 1st place prize of 34,000 credits will be given randomly to a new user. 
  • Smaller 2nd place prizes will be given within each Entrecard niche category.

So what are you waiting for? Join Entrecard now, leave a comment here to gain an entry to win 34,000 credits, and help to spread the word around! I’ll see you at Entrecard ;)

Don’t forget to check my own guide to Entrecard which should cover the basics once you join!

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