This site is killing the Entrecard Community!

Boo to this site!

I’m sure that screenshot speaks a thousand word!
I was doing my reciprocate drop to a site and found a link to this “wonderful” site! It actually has our Entrecard widgets on there so that people can drop their cards easily in one central location!

This may sound great and useful, but it defeats the purpose of the whole Entrecard community!! We go to other members’ sites and drop our card there! We visit, read their posts, make comments, and make friends with them! Although we sometimes drop like there’s no tomorrow, still we visit and sometimes we read!

This site gets a big thumb down for me!

And if you think that “What’s the big deal?” “Why does this guy get angry for nothing?”. Well if your widget is there, you are supposed to be as mad as me! I honestly was tempted to do some dropping there, but hey, don’t be selfish! You don’t want us to drop our cards to your widget using this way too, do you?

Your opinion, guys?

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