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EntrecardToday, Graham Langdon announced that Entrecard has been acquired by a company called Ziprunner Inc (whoever they are). Entrecard is a great community for bloggers and it has been well estalished for years. When I first joined Entrecard, I was just a small fish in the big pond (I’m a-bit-bigger-small-fish now but haven’t turned onto a whale yet). This blog’s PR was still 1 with an Alexa Rank over 2,000,000.

Through Entrecard, I met lots of wonderful bloggers (who are still actively reading and commenting on my blog, even though some of them have quitted Entrecard).

Through Entrecard, my blog’s Alexa rank went under the 300,000 mark ( my blog was ranked #1 for a few months in the Technology category at that time)

Entrecard Top Technology

and through Entrecard, I learnt how important it is to socialize and connect with the other bloggers. I’ve also met lots of wonderful bloggers and friends through the community (the forum and the marketplace). It’s been great and it’s sad if we all have to leave because of the change over.

We haven’t heard anything from Ziprunner yet, so it’ll be interesting to find out what will change. Hopefully for the better. They better be. I still have about 150,000 Entrecard Credits lying around on my Entrecard account and I don’t what I should use them for.

Source: Entrecard blog

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