Back to Entrecard again..for now

EntrecardI ditched Entrecard for a few weeks (planning to ditch it permanently) when this blog couldn’t get approved by because of it. After some considerations, I chose so I could get more private advertisers to this blog easily. After a couple of months without getting any private advertisers, I switched back to Entrecard, for now. I might try BuySellAds again when my blog has grown a bit more.

Entrecard is a blogging community that I’ve been on for a couple of years now. It’s not a perfect community but I met several great blogging friends from there.

The timing is probably about right because they’ve just made a new marketplace where you can provide and buy services using Entrecard credits. For example, I was selling a comment service on the Market (this way I can connect to the blogger while getting a bit of credits out of it – a win win situation). The old market was cluttered and unmanageable, so this is good news.

My only issue at the moment is that they are going to limit the credits to 100,000 on every account. I have around 150k at the moment so I’ll have to find a way to throw them away :( Might put up an Entrecard contest soon.

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