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How to fix Razer Megalodon’s microphone noise problem


Razer Megalodon

I was surprised to find out that my friends couldn’t hear a thing I said after I plugged my Razer Megalodon (a 7.1 surround sound gaming headset) for the first time. They heard a loud noise coming from my microphone. After updating the driver, they still couldn’t hear me properly. It’s better but they could only hear me barely, clouded by hissing noises from my Razer Megalodon.

Here is how to fix the microphone static noise problem on the Razer Megalodon.

How to fix Razer Megalodon microphone’s problem

  1. Download the latest Razer Megalodon driver from Razer’s website, especially if you are using Windows 7 64-bit (nevertheless, just update it even if you are on XP or Vista). Update your Razer Megalodon to the latest one and make sure it’s done properly.
  2. After the update, on the same page, there is a hint on how to fix the microphone, try it first.
  3. If it’s still not working for you, check the blog post from the Cult of Razer about fixing the Razer Megalodon mic noise as well.
  4. Try lowering your Mic sensitivity level on the Razer Megalodon control pad to 0 or 1 (I put mine to 0) and lower your Mic volume level too.
  5. Last thing to do if it’s still not there yet: Point your mic upwards, instead of adjusting it next to your mouth. This is because the mic is quite sensitive even at the lowest level (or you might need to adjust the windows’ mic sensitivity level further). The last point seems to cure my Razer Megalodon problem (by pointing the mic away from my mouth a little bit – the mic’s tip is around my eye level).

Now you can shout and sing coordinate your attack better with your teammates in games!


  1. wow. you could just lover your recording mic volume in Windows Audio settings to like 15. That’s what I did, now you can control the rest on the control pod (pad?)

    On the other hand, I really wonder how the MIC SENS works. I could never get a distinct results with it on max and min

  2. This headset is garbage and not even worth 15€ but its 150€ and here I am spent 150€ on a headset that makes people I talk to on skype wanna kill them self cause of annoying noise from the microphone. Tryed ever little thing people told me to try inorder to fix this problem but I guess the only solution to this problem is to throw it far far away and buy another brand of headset. Razer should admit the mistake of this crap and make a full refound.

  3. I have the same problem with my Razer Chimaera! My friends heard a lot of noise i couldn’t find the problem and there isn’t a driver that i can install! Please help me do know what i can do?

  4. I’ve tried lots of different solutions as above and elsewhere, none of which made any difference at all.

    I had great success with this solution I discovered, on Win7 x64:
    In Control Panel > Sound > Recording, disable the Megalodon Microphone and enable the generic USB Audio Device Microphone. Go to its properties and turn the level down to 50 to further improve the results.

    • A massive X2 to DODGO’s fix

      Had major issues with feedback and static (using teamspeak 3), F**ked around for ages, ready to smash the stupid headset in half.

      On razer control box mic sens and mic level at 0

      In windows (7 x64) right click speaker in bottom right toolbar, select recording devices

      Disable – 2 razer megalodon mic

      Enable – realtek high definition audio mic, sound level 100 worked for me

      sanity restored, now where did i leave that beer………….?

  5. Don’t listen to anyone here, I was worried but did these things and put mic levels and sensitivity onto 0 and 3 and turned it down on Windows and it sounds perfect, also i’ve heard it gets better after time as most speakers/sound related things do.

    The Megalodons sound quality in games and with music is absolutely amazing, I could wear them all the time listening to music and the bass is great.

    Good job Razer!

  6. Just lower the microphone sound from control panel/sound and it should be fine. The actual sound doesn’t reduce but background noise completely disappears at about 10

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