More reason to comment on my blog? Maybe

Traffic & Comments booster in one?
Traffic & Comments booster in one?

Well to be honest, most of you who have been loyally commenting on my blog are engaged actively on the Entrecard community (I said most, not all).

I’m sure you must have heard about Entrecard “joining forces” with SezWho news. Some people clap, some people frown. That’s life lol. Can’t make everybody happy!

As for this blog, I’ve decided to install SezWho plug-in to reward you for your comments and also as an incentive to comment more on my blog.

However, I’ll still keep my eye on alert. I may decide to keep the plug-in or scrap it altogether if I started seeing lots of spammy comments!

Why you should comment on my blog

  1. I have the Show Top Commentator plug-in installed on my blog. You’ll see it on my sidebar titled “Commentators of the Month”. You’ll get a bit of link love from there if you actively participate on my blog. It will be resetted monthly, to give everyone a fair chance!
  2. I have the CommentLuv plug-in which will display your latest blog’s post beneath your comment. If your title is catchy, other readers might click it and go to your blog. Free targeted traffic for you.
  3. SezWho plug-in. If you are already on the SezWho community, then this will be a bonus. If you are on Entrecard community, your comment will be rewarded with Entrecard credits by commenting on my blog.
  4. Your comments give me encouragement and support morally and subconsciously. It’s good to know that a post has become a blessing to others.
  5. You can express your opinion about a given topic and learn from other commentators too.
  6. If you comment often, other people and I will remember you. It’s good. It gives you credibility. It lets me know that you are one of my loyal readers and I should have heard your opinion more often.
  7. We get to know each other more, isn’t that fantastic? ^^

To those who have installed the SezWho plug-in on their WordPress blog and want to have more control as to what is being displayed and where, you can do so by:

  • Turning on the “Disable Auto Layout” option on the SezWho plug-in configuration.
  • Add the SezWho codes manually on your theme files
  • Configure some SezWho settings (Gravatar size, Rating icons, CSS, etc) on your SezWho account on SezWho’s website.

To those who don’t like their history of comments being displayed everywhere, you can opt-out from SezWho to ever track your comments history by going to the SezWho Opt-Out page. I know some of you have already opted out, but I want to know why? Your comments on other blogs are easily searchable on search engines anyway, so why would you want to hide it away?

I’ve decided to remove SezWho’s comments history feature on my blog though, as to show that I respect your privacy here on my blog.

What’s your opinion on installing the SezWho plug-in here on this blog?

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