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I usually have my lunch break with my friends who happen to work around my office. As always, our problem is the same everyday: “Where should we eat today?”

So I thought it’d be great if there is an online poll somewhere, where you don’t need to register or don’t even need to embed any code to your site for the poll. I then came across SnapPoll.com through Google.

SnapPoll.com provides an online poll service, so that all polls and votes are stored on their server. Creating poll is easy and quick. You just have to follow a few simple steps and the poll is ready to go!

First of all, you’ll have to choose whether you want to embed the poll on your site later or simply let the voting be done on snappoll.com. I chose the later as this is just a once off poll and a “silly” poll.

First Step: Put your poll question and number of total vote answers:

Add the question and vote answers
Add the question and vote answers

Second Step: Put the vote answers:

Type in the vote answers
Type in the vote answers

Third Step: Customize your Poll (the defaults are okay enough though for a quick lazy poll). SnapPoll by default also limits the vote by checking the cookie and IP address to disallow duplicate votes. Cool :)

Customize the Poll if you want to
Customize the Poll if you want to

That’s it!

If you choose not to embed it on your site, you’ll be given a link to the poll, where you can simply email your friends or the people that are going to vote!

If you choose to embed it on your site, you’ll be given an HTML code snippet. Just copy and paste it to your HTML page.

Hate it when it's a tie :D
Hate it when it's a tie :D

And, just to prove that I wasn’t lying about creating a poll for the lunch, you can view it online here (Warning: it’s not in English; but basically I was asking “Where should we eat today and given them 2 restaurant names for the options).

The vote on today was a tie, though. So the poll actually wasn’t so much useful after all today.

Don’t bother voting in, as we’ve already decided on where to go for lunch, even if the poll was a tie. :)


Creating polls at SnapPoll.com is quick, easy, no registration required, free, and fuzz-less (if there is such word). You won’t see a detailed analysis, pie charts, and pretty polls, but if you just want a quick poll between a bunch of people or friends, then SnapPoll.com should be your first choice!

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