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IObit Toolbox – a free portable registry cleaner and other system tools

IObit softwareIObit just announced a new generation software to scan, repair, optimize, and prevent PC problems called the IObit Toolbox. It’s free and it’s also portable, so you can practically copy it to a USB flash drive and run it in your friend’s machine without installing it. This should help a lot when you are being asked for help by a friend to fix his/her machine.

The IObit Toolbox is also special because you can put your own Title and even a logo to the software :) For example, here is how it looks after being branded “Craving Tech Toolbox”:

IOBit Toolbox

The registry cleaner found 1287 problems but it automatically selects only those with low-medium risk (about 422 problems in total):

IObit Toolbox Registry Cleaner

IObit Toolbox - Optimize

The Startup Manager is pretty handy as well because you can see and enable/disable all the things that are not necessary to be loaded during the Windows start up process. With this tool, you don’t need to tinker around with the registry or the msconfig to control these.

Startup Manager

I’ve also found tons of invalid shortcuts through the Shortcut Fixer, thanks to IObit Toolbox.

IOBit Toolbox - Repair

IOBit Toolbox Security

IOBit Toolbox Control

Definitely plenty of tools to play around with! Because IObit Toolbox is free and doesn’t require any installation (portable), it’s best if you download this and put it in your USB Flash Drive. Just in case you ever need such a tool to scan and fix for Windows problems ;)

Official press release:

IObit Announces a New Generation Toolbox For Simplified Diagnostics and Repair of PC Problems

(August 19, 2010) – IObit announces the release of its all-new IObit Toolbox, a free portable suite of easy-to-use software utilities that repairs and prevents the widest range of PC problems. IObit Toolbox is delivered in a clean “portable” implementation that requires little or no specialized training or understanding on the part of users and does not require installation before use.

IObit Toolbox provides a complete system for diagnosing and fixing virtually all software and operating system-related PC problems, including the most frustrating and common problems that users encounter, such as the ongoing need to clean, optimize and repair components of the PC, optimize system security and fully control and adjust the myriad of variables that operate behind the scenes of every computer. IObit Toolbox contains 26 individual, dedicated tools that display and diagnose detailed PC information and allow automated or manual repairs and adjustments if / as and when necessary.

“With more than 20 powerful tools in one place and no installation required, IObit Toolbox is like a Swiss Army Knife for system administrators and computer geeks to diagnose and fix PC problems anywhere and anytime, “ states Kevin Zhou, Marketing Director for IObit.

IObit Toolbox is remarkable for several reasons: Because IObit Toolbox is internally optimized for minimization, for example, it occupies very little space on a hard drive because it requires no installation. System administrators, computer repair specialists, and even untrained users can bring IObit Toolbox with them on any portable device such as a flash disk or CD ROM and use it to diagnose and solve problems on any PC they encounter anytime and anywhere.

Although created and implemented as a complete and easy-to-use system, each of the 26 tools in IObit Toolbox is a stand-alone, powerful piece of software. Once activated, each one is perfectly capable of diagnosing relevant problems and repairing the source of any troubles.

With the release of this new Toolbox, IObit ends the need to search the Internet for specialized software to fix particular problems and to pay for each one. Software tools with fewer capabilities than IObit Toolbox can sell for $200 or more! But IObit Toolbox now gives users and experts alike all the computer maintenance, repair and adjustment tools they need, all in one place and all completely free.

It’s even possible to rebrand IObit Toolbox with your own company name, graphics and identity. All IObit requires is for customizers to leave the words: “Powered by IObit.”

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