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And I thought this blog was hacked….

I was searching for something on Google and saw my own blog on the search result (I didn’t really remember I’ve ever written about that topic) so I clicked on it. It gave me a post cannot be found error and I thought “What? How could this be?”. I went to my blog’s home page and saw no posts at all appearing!! Panicking, I went to the WordPress’ administration area and saw:

WordPress deleted posts

0 Posts!!

I thought someone hacked it and deleted all my blogs’ posts. I almost screamed and quickly opened a live chat with HostGator support, where this blog is hosted. While waiting, I opened my database behind the scene to validate that the table was really empty. Somehow, I felt a massive relief when I saw this on the PHPMyAdmin:

[WordPress Post table] is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Ok, that doesn’t solve any problem at all but at least it wasn’t hacked and there’s a high chance that if I clicked on that “Repair” link at PHPMyAdmin (I know there is such feature) everything would turn okay. The tech support helped me out and asked whether I needed help in doing the Repair operation. He assured me that it was safe to do so I did it myself because I knew where it was anyway (click on the table on the tables’ list and “with selected”, choose “Repair”)

After one click (running an SQL query of REPAIR TABLE), I got a message that table has been repaired. So I quickly tried my blog again and thank God, everything is back to normal:

Repair WordPress table - empty posts

Kudos to the HostGator support who was so calm when I was panicking and again, thank God that this blog is back to normal. I can’t imagine how miserable my day would be if the posts are really gone. HostGator might have a backup but how recent? and how long will the process take, etc etc. As always, I’m amazed at the professionalism and a support live chat that works and helpful (HostGator review).

If you are here from search engines and have the same problem (your WordPress posts suddenly missing, check the post table in the database) before you start panicking like I did, heh.