Inotia 3 Review for iPhone

Inotia 3 Review

This is my personal review on Inotia 3: Children of Carnia, an RPG (Role Playing Game) for the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Inotia 3 is developed by Com2Us Inc and was released a few weeks ago. Do not worry if you haven’t played the previous Inotia series before (I haven’t) because Inotia 3’s story is completely independent from the previous ones.

Inotia 3 is beautifully done. As you can see from the screenshots of the game yourself, the concept art is both cute and adorable. If you have played the online game Ragnarok Online, Inotia 3 looks very familiar here in a good way.


Characters come to life during the cut scenes (again, beautifully designed)


There are also tons of places to explore and there are enough varieties here (swamps, dungeons, forests, etc) to keep you admiring the amount of work that the team has put up together. Thanks to the added special effects, you can quickly identify when you or a member of your party casts a spell or execute a special ability.


The music and sound effects help to boost the mood but I find that turning them off does not degrade any gameplay experience whatsoever.

In Inotia 3, you are not alone. As you play the game, you’ll gain companions with different skill sets. There are 6 different classes in Inotia 3 (Barbarian, Rogue, Template, Arch Mage, Priest, and Shadow Hunter) and each class has unique sets of abilities with one another. You can start with any of the classes and gain companions later on to complement.



In Inotia 3, you can also hire a mercenary of a specific class (randomly, through an item) so if you find that your new companion class does not suit the dynamic of your party well, you can use these nameless mercenaries, equip, and level them up too.

Your companions also come and go during the game so it’s hard to stick with one from the start to the finish. Thankfully, there’s almost always a Priest (healer) companion available throughout the game to heal your party so it’s not so hard to go through the whole story without being one. You can also control any member of your party when you play so you can switch back and forth if you wish.

You can also equip each of your party members personally and the new equipment changes will be reflected on the characters in game (which does not happen often in an RPG game). There are plenty of loots but I wish that there are more randomized gears in the game as it can take a while to get one dropped from the enemies.


The main storyline is quite standard, a nobody who becomes the hero to save the world from evil.

Sub quests are available though not too many and normally involve killing X number of monster Y. In fact, these grinding quests apparently happen a lot of times (main storyline and sub quests) so it can get quite tedious after a while. Thankfully, the battle is quick and happens in real time so it’s not really as bad as you think.


The storyline, the gameplay, the graphics, and the role-playing element will keep you playing Inotia 3 for hours and hours. Inotia 3: Children of Carnia is simply addictive and highly recommended to have if you are an RPG fan.

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia – Com2uS USA, Inc.

Inotia 3 Pros:

+ Highly addictive
+ Unique classes with unique skills
+ Great graphics and animations
+ Changing an equipment reflects the way characters look
+ Well designed (interface, user friendliness, etc)
+ Plenty of equipment to equip
+ Vast world, hours of gameplay
+ Memorable characters

Inotia 3 Cons:

– Grinding quests (Kill X number of Y monsters, etc)
– Some dry jokes here and there

Note: License provided for the review

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