Improved design, connectivity, and a built-in nightlight – Ring Chime Pro (2020) Review

Ring Chime Pro Generation 2 (2020) Review – Ring has updated one of their popular accessories, Ring Chime Pro with new design, new dual-band connectivity (2.4GHz and 5GHz), louder tone, and an exciting, built-in automatic nightlight. Yes, that last bit is what makes the new model shines (pun intended).

Ring Chime Pro is designed to be used with other Ring security devices (doorbells and cameras) by boosting the Wi-Fi signal of your home network to these devices. Your router might be located at the far end of the house, which means that you might be getting a weak signal to one of your cameras or doorbells. Thanks to Ring Chime Pro, connection should now be more stable.

Packaging & Unboxing

Design & Features

The new Ring Chime Pro definitely has a far more modern design compared to the older Ring Chime Pro (see the old design on my Ring Video Doorbell Pro review article). The rather-hideous antennas are now hidden away from sight, making the design clean and minimalist. It will definitely suit any modern home setting. The size itself is not compact however, and may occupy some space on your wall socket.

With the Chime Pro linked to a Ring Video Doorbell, you’ll be able to hear a tone you set from the app when someone rings your doorbell. This is great to help if you have a large or multi-storey house and may not be able to hear the bell from far away.

The best feature (in my opinion) of the new Chime Pro is the built-in nightlight. The unit has a light sensor to detect light so you can just plug the Chime Pro and forget about it. When evening comes, the nightlight will auto turn itself on. You can disable the nightlight if you wish but there is no scheduling whatsoever from the app.

I personally like having a small light in the hallway while we sleep and normally we’d use one of the Philips Hue Go lamps. It has now been replaced by the new Ring Chime Pro and I can now use my Hue Go elsewhere. I do wish that we can have more options in the app, such as being able to adjust the brightness at least. But for now, Ring is keeping it simple and it’s fine.

Ring Chime Pro 2nd Gen now has dual-band connectivity compared to the 1st generation. So, if you have a strong 5GHz connection at home, you might want to connect to that instead of the over-saturated 2.4GHz channel.

I never have problem hearing the Ring chimes from the older model, but I guess it’s good to know that the new Chime Pro (2020) has louder alerts. You can link it to your Ring Video Doorbells when someone rings your doorbell, or when motion is detected in one of your Ring security cameras. Make sure to check our reviews on Ring StickUp Cam Battery and Ring Spotlight Cam Battery that are currently set up around our house.

Ring Chime Pro (2020) Review Conclusion

Ring’s new Chime Pro (2nd generation, 2020) has an improved design, louder alerts, dual-band connectivity, and a built-in nightlight. More importantly, it can also remove dead zones and strengthen the wireless signal to your other Ring devices.

The design is more modern and I really love the built-in nightlight which can turn itself on and off automatically. Place it in the hallway or somewhere where you can extend the wireless signal plus guide your way through the night. And if you need the extra audible alert.

The new Ring Chime Pro retails for AU$79 but if you don’t need the nightlight and dual-band connectivity, the older generation of Ring Chime Pro now only costs A$39.50 and just as good (though has an old, plasticy design).

Disclosure: Ring Chime Pro review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

Ring Chime Pro (2nd Gen, 2020) Review


2nd Generation of Chime Pro from Ring to extend your home’s wireless signal to Ring Video Doorbells or Cameras. Now comes with a modern design and a built-in, cool nightlight


  • Clean and modern design
  • Simple to setup
  • Strengthen signal to your other Ring devices
  • Dual band wireless connectivity option
  • Built-in, simple, automated nightlight with light sensor


  • Take space on a standard, dual Australia wall socket
  • No nightlight advanced options (brightness, scheduling, etc)
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