Hearthstone’s Return to Naxxramas adds 38 new cards along with updates and fixes

The new, “mini” expansion of Hearthstone (still part of the recent March of the Lich King Expansion) has just launched with 38 new cards added to your disposal. The mini set includes 4 Legendary cards, 1 Epic card, 17 Rare cards, and 16 Common cards. You can purchase the “Normal” versions of this mini-set for just 2,000 Gold (or 1,500 Runestones) so you better have saved some in-game golds to add these to your collection of cards.

If you are playing Frost Death Knight, you’ll definitely be needing some of the new cards like the Frost Queen Sindragosa. She’s a Colossal dragon and playing her guarantees two removals of big enemy minions on the board, plus more if she doesn’t get removed after.

This is definitely the Death Knight’s first Colossal card and there is also the class’ first Location card – Construct Quarter. It synergises pretty well with the class’ hero ability where you can just sacrifice a 1/1 free minion for a 4/5 Undead Rush minion.

Other hero classes also get some love and might further complement your current deck. For example, Mage’s Tear Reality card can re-add your past spells back to your hand so if you are only playing those big 9-10 spells, this card can “duplicate” those cards cheaply if you already casted them before.

And a new, ultimate, neutral, Legendary minion is Thaddius, Monstrosity. Sure, it costs 10 mana to summon him, but he has an 11/11 stats and make all your Odd-Cost cards cost just 1 mana to cast. He creates an immense pressure in the game and if your enemy doesn’t have a removal spell handy, the game will definitely turn in your favour.

This latest update also brings new updates and fixes to the other parts of the game (Mercenaries, etc) so check the full patch notes here.

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