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Google wants to give a free 2GB extra storage space. Here’s how

Google Security Checkup

To commemorate Safer Internet Day 2015, Google has invited all users of Google services (like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc) to review their Google Account Security settings. As an incentive, you will be granted an extra 2GB of Google Drive storage space on the 28th of February 2015.

Note that you need to do this by 17th of February but it only takes a couple of minutes anyway (if not less, if you have them set-up nicely before).

Google has already given us plenty of space for our Google Account (15GB on mine at the moment) but it never hurts to have more space, right?

free storage space at Google

Some of the Account Security settings that you need to double check are:

  • Your recovery email address (non-Gmail) if something goes wrong
  • Check recent accesses for suspected log on to your account
  • Account  permissions on your smartphones where you can also remove access to phones you don’t have any longer, and apps.

Again, if you are wondering why you don’t get the extra space after, it’s because Google will do it around the 28th of February:

Google will be granting the storage automatically to everyone around 28 February 2015 and they’ll send you an email when your adjustment is complete.

Do the Security Checkup Now | Source: Google Blog

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