Google Play Music, now on Sonos

Sonos Google Play

Sonos is a system of high quality wireless speakers that can be set-up in multiple rooms to play your favorite music. For more details about what Sonos is and how it works, you may want to read Craving Tech’s review on Sonos PLAY:3 and the most recent Sonos PLAY:1.

This morning, Sonos officially announced their partnership with Google to bring more music into the ears.

Within the Sonos app that you regularly use to feed music into Sonos speakers, you can now search and play Google Play music (among other options such as Telstra MOG, Spotify, Pandora Radio, and more). OR, alternatively, you can use also use your Android’s Google Play Music app to send music directly from the app.

With this additional popular music service into the mix, Sonos has clearly gone bigger and better among the competitions. Their new app (still in Beta) will also make it easier to search for a song on any of the supported music online services.

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