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Tight on bandwidth? Then use shareapic to upload your images and use their bandwidth to serve the images to your website, blogs, myspace, ebay, or anywhere online!

Not just that, if someone views the picture/image on the shareapic server, you get 0.022 0.0022 cents for it (Thanks Dan, for correcting me)! Yes, the number of zeros there is correct, lol. To make it easier, it’s 22 cents per 1000 view of the image.

Shareapic is a free online service that allows you to upload unlimited images to their server. Uploaded images can be organized into galleries (albums) and can be set whether you want to share it publicly or not.

You can also see your earnings, number of image views, and can even put your own Bidvertiser ads on the page if you have an account with them.

To my observation, Shareapic has a fast connection (at least for now) and it doesn’t slow your site down when loading their preview images. 

Shareapic Income 
As you can see from my screenshot, I’m making sure that my great great great grandson will become a millionaire! :D 


It’s not really the money that I’m after from Shareapic service. It’s the bandwidth that is saved by using a free image server. This is a similar service provided by Flickr or ImageShack (and other ones). However, if you can earn a penny just by doing nothing, why not?

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