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OneManga, the One stop for Manga


“Manga” is the japanese word for comics. If you like to read Manga, then you must check this site out. A friend of mine showed it to me some time ago and I love to share it with you guys. It has all of the most popular (even non popular ones) Japanese comics out there; Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Death Note, and many others.

There are literally hundreds of them compiled on the site and you are able to view them online from your browser. The pages are in series of images (like page scans), so you’ll probably have to click on the next arrow after finish reading on one page of a “book”.

One Piece Manga Bleach Manga


I honestly prefer to watch Anime (the animated movie) rather than reading Manga. The colors, the sounds, the voices, they feel great.

If you do like Manga, you’ll probably won’t be able to read them all, hence, why this site is born :D

Enjoy! One Manga site: http://www.onemanga.com/  

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