How to get free Android apps/games using Amazon AppStore (works in Australia)

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If you are an Android user, you may have heard that Amazon has this free-for-the-day Android apps (including games). Using the Amazon Appstore app for Android, you login with your Amazon account and each day, there is something that goes free for you to download and own.

Previously, this is not available for Australians. Some bypassed this with a VPN and a few other tricks – which is probably not so legal (if you want to think it that way). Thankfully, Australians can now legitimately get free Android apps from Amazon Appstore!

How to get free Android apps/games using Amazon AppStore

[1] Download the latest Amazon Appstore .apk file and transfer it to your device via USB (anywhere, such as the Downloads folder). Or you can do it directly on your Android phone.

[2] You need to make sure to allow installing apps from unknown sources on your settings (under Security)

[3] Use a file manager (find one on the Google PlayStore if you have none) and install the .apk

[4] Run the .apk file to install and run the Amazon AppStore (you’ll have to login with your Amazon account. Create one if you don’t have one yet)

[5] You should see the Today’s Free App of the Day Android app on the top

[6] Enjoy and come back every day to find out the next Android app that goes free!

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Source: Ausdroid

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