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Flickr gives 1 TB of free space

Flickr free space

I haven’t been using my Flickr account, not ever since I’ve used up all spaces on the free account (I couldn’t remember what it was – 300 MB?). Today, though, the new redesigned Flickr comes with a surprise, a free 1 TB of space for everyone!

One Terabyte! That means you can upload and store up to 436,906 photos from your iPhone 4S/5 (8 Megapixels camera), according to the What’s new on Flickr page.

With fierce competitions with other cloud based storage such as Dropbox and many other services, this is the right move to do. Not to mention that smartphones get more and more megapixels as new technology emerges (we are up to 13 Megapixels war now). This also means you can store even higher resolution photos from your DSLR to Flickr (though if you are a professional photographer, you’d have probably got yourself the Flickr Premium account).


Should you use Flickr? I don’t know. I used to upload my review photos to Flickr. It generated quite a good amount of interests from people asking permissions to use the photos. Some blogging tips posts also suggested to do this to gain more readers and some backlinks. Some use Flickr to backup their photos and others use them as portfolios.

Whatever you use Flickr for, the huge space is definitely a game changer. Are you using Flickr? What are you using it for?

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