Fitbit’s next OS update can detect your snores

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Fitbit OS 5.2 software update is rolling out to Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 users, bringing many new features and updates. For a start, you can now track your SpO2 levels from Today dashboard on-wrist, new clock face switcher functionality, new celebrations, and hear audible responses from Google.

There is also a high and low heart rate notification on Versa 3 users. So if your heart rate gets outside of your set heart rate thresholds (24/7 continuous heart rate tracking), Versa 3 can now send the notification and you can make urgent actions.

Here are the update summary:

  • SpO2 tracking on-wrist alongside all of your stats in the Today dashboard. See your nightly average SpO2 value and the range from your previous night’s sleep right on your Fitbit device. Tracking these trends over time allows you to see when there may be an indication of important changes in your wellbeing.
  • Personalise your high and low heart rate notifications. Previously available only on Sense, this feature is now available on Versa 3 to help you better understand your heart health. Receive on-wrist and in-app notifications if your device detects that your heart rate goes above or below your set heart rate threshold. If you receive a notification, you can also take a survey in the Fitbit app to better understand what’s going on, and to share with your doctor.
  • New on-device clock face switcher lets you swap your clock face without leaving the main screen. Simply long press the clock face for a few seconds to open the Clocks app to choose from a selection of up to five of your favourite clock faces.
  • Two new goal celebrations are available to all smartwatches to delight and motivate you with bright, colourful animations when you reach your main goal.

In addition to the exciting OS 5.2 smartwatch software updates, Fitbit will also be launching the following:

  • A new Snore & Noise Detect experiment is available for a limited number of Premium users to join. When your device detects that you are asleep, the microphone on your Sense or Versa 3 device samples sound every few seconds to monitor snoring and the ambient noise level in your bedroom. This helps you better understand your sleeping environment with a sound analysis of your sleep so you can discover what might be disrupting your sleep and causing your awakenings or restlessness.
  • Alexa Voice Service has been introduced to 10 additional countries around the world. Now, even more users will have the added capability to receive replies from the on-device voice assistant, making it easier than ever to stay connected.

The Snore & Noise Detect is only available in English speaking countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland Singapore, India, New Zealand) and non-English speaking countries in Europe (Germany and France).

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