You can now see more data of your sleep, thanks to Fitbit’s new feature

Fitbit has just launched a new feature called ‘Sleep Profile’, reserved for Fitbit Premium users. While Fitbit is already able to analyse your sleeping quality and pattern really well (without the need of Fitbit Premium), the new Sleep Profile offers more in-depth analysis.

The Sleep Profile analyses your sleep across ten key metrics each month including sleep duration and restfulness as well as new metrics such as sleep schedule variability and disrupted sleep.

Users will also see some fun factors when looking at your sleep analysis by representing them as one of six sleep animals from Giraffe to Tortoise.

The analysis was made possible by investigating 1.87 million sleep logs by a neurologist, sleep experts, and research scientists. The Sleep Profile analyses your sleep across 10 key metrics each month and then compares the data to the general population with the same age of gender.

You can then use this data metrics to further improve your sleep and life in general.

To find out more in detail about the feature works and what sort of data it can analyse and stuff, make sure to read the official Fitbit Premium Sleep Profile page.

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