Fitbit Ace is Fitbit for kids

Fitbit Ace

Fitbit now wants your kids to stay healthy and compete for being healthier with the newest Fitbit Ace.

Fitbit Ace is designed specifically for kids (ages 8 and older) and comes with features that parents can manage and track (like activities and badges), making the whole family connected to one another for a healthier competition.

As kids nowadays tend to be inactive at home while playing on their iPad or gaming consoles, Fitbit Ace tries to motivate with celebratory messages, badges, and challenges with the rest of the family members (and their friends).

Fitbit for kids

While you as the parents can enforce a screen or gaming time limit, nothing is more effective than having them to wear a gadget that motivates from within. You as parents can also view and manage your kids’ stats and activities to further evaluate how active they are.

Fitbit Ace has an adjustable, showerproof wristband available in 2 different colours (Power Purple and Electric Blue Stainless Steel) with up to 5 days of battery life. Like other Fitbit models, Ace also tracks steps, active minutes, and sleep.

Fitbit Ace takes a different approach than the AllMyTribes SpaceTalk Smartwatch. It’s not there to monitor where your kids are or even communicate directly to them.

Fitbit Ace is available today at leading Australian retailers. The device is also available for sale at and major online retailers for AU$129.95.

You have not got a Fitbit yet? I’m wearing the Fitbit Versa whereas my fiancee is wearing the Fitbit Alta HR (which has a similar design to the Ace), so make sure to check out our reviews if you haven’t and are looking for one.

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