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We all know how scary criminals can be and most of us know how to take prevention against that. We install alarm & security systems in our home, or add security doors and bars to protect against home burglaries.

However, many do not know about the potentials and dangers of cybercrime. And quite often, people become the victim of cybercrime without them knowing about it. In some cases, a cybercriminal can destroy your life more than a criminal would do.

To protect more than 50 millions of Australians from cybercrime, Kaspersky Lab and Crime Stoppers Australia has formed a new online cyber safety partnerships to ensure Australians to have the right information and tools to keep them safe from online crime.

The announcement was made over at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix (I was invited by Kaspersky Lab to the Grand Prix + official press announcement) with Peter Price AM (Director of Crime Stoppers, Eugene Kaspersky (CEO of Kaspersky Lab), and Stephan Neumeier (Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Asia Pacific).

AGP Address by Stephan

With our hunger for everything to be connected these days, both older and younger generations are facing a different, yet similar threat. According to Eugene yesterday at the press conference, older generations don’t normally understand about cybercrime and they tend to click or visit places they should not (I can vouch for that as I taught my Mom to close any pop-up window without clicking the buttons within). On the other hand, millennials make themselves too available online (social media, etc), not knowing the dangers are lurking behind the corner.

Plus, we often think cybercrime only affects us when we go online with a PC web browser, or with a mobile device. Eugene stressed that everything around us is pretty much vulnerable nowadays because everything is computerised and/or connected. For example, he reminded us that lots of things inside our car is computerised (modern handbrakes, steering assist, etc) and even the fire alarm systems installed in buildings. Hence, cybercrime prevention is of the utmost important not just for us individuals, but also the government and nationwide.

My Hyundai i30 is packed with features, but most of them are computerised

The education will be delivered through safety videos for the awareness of cybercrime and forums which contains latest tips, information, and also discussions with the community.

General Manager of Kaspersky Lab ANZ, Anastasia Rae says, “Social media now dominates business and our general lifestyle. In this cyber safety partnership, we are maximizing both brands in a joint social media campaign to educate the general public and facilitate safety messaging. The public will benefit via these forums with safety videos, tips and the latest information for everyone to know how to be safe when online.”

The Kaspersky Lab – Crime Stoppers’ partnership also involves a promotional safety video by Eugene, Noushin Shabab (Global Research and Analysis Team), and Peter. A Public Relations Campaign and digital activities will be rolled out later this year.

Kaspersky Motorsport

According to Eugene, cybercriminals are getting smarter and more professionals, even with real companies and reception desks. Lots of them are apparently Russians with native English speakers and they really know what they are doing. This is not the primary reason why Crime Stoppers is partnering with Kaspersky Lab, though. Apart from the expertise of Kaspersky Lab in this area for many years (and I could clearly see it every time Eugene gave thorough explanations throughout the conference), Kaspesky Lab also has great relationships and partnerships with both INTERPOL and EUROPOL.

Peter adds: “Cybercrime is the new frontier. Criminal activity is an absolute priority not only for us in Australia but worldwide.

90% of cybercriminal instances occur outside the country. Hence the importance for us to get on the front foot and do as much prevention education as possible. What better way than to collaborate with a business whose very nature in itself, is stopping crime. We feel that Kaspersky Lab can have an impact in keeping Australians safe”.

Kaspersky Lab also has a free Antivirus Edition if you want to download and have a look. I actually used and reviewed their Internet Security 2012 bundle back in 2011.

Some awesome photos and videos I took during the day are on my Instagram: Helicopter Ride & Photos | The Cars

Disclosure: I was invited by Kaspersky Lab to attend the F1 Grand Prix 2018 & the press conference

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