Anker announces new eufy Security Video Smart Lock with 2K camera and advanced detection

eufy Security, which is Anker’s smart security brand, has just announced an award winning Video Smart Lock in Australia. This is like having a video doorbell and smart lock in one. It’s a compact device but packed with many advanced technologies inside that will keep your home safe and convenient to lock+unlock at the same time.

In one side, the new security device can monitor and detect approaching visitors, notify you, and also record clips for insurance purposes. With a powerful 2K camera and a wide 160-degree field-of-view, you’ll see clear image and video clips recorded at all times – even during the brightest days or the darkest of night. It has four infrared lights that will detect visitors and objects in complete darkness.

Dual motion detection feature offers more accurate alerts so you’ll see less false alarm notifications like swaying trees, and the video clips will be stored locally. There doesn’t seem to be any Cloud recording feature available so all videos are stored locally on the device – no subscription fee is to be charged to customers.

On the other side, it is a smart door lock that enables you unlock your door with just your finger, thanks to the in-device fingerprint chip. Using advanced matching AI algorithms, the scanner will get smarter and more efficient upon repeated fingerprints – making it quicker, easier, and more secure to unlock the door.

If you ever forget to lock the door, eufy Video Smart Lock will also auto-lock itself when you close the door. It’s also IP65 rated.

Eufy Video Smart Lock is available now for purchase at AU$749 RRP at retailers around Australia like JB Hi-Fi and Bunnings Warehouse.

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