Dyson’s next generation of cordless vacuum cleaner can detect, count, and tell the particles it’s sucking

Dyson’s next cordless vacuum cleaner, Dyson V15 Detect, is now available in the USA and China (will be available in Australia from 27th of May 2021).

In the past, most iterations would improve upon the machine’s performance and battery life. The previous model, Dyson V11 (make sure to check our review), has a Dynamic Load Sensor that will intelligently sense the floor type and adjust its suction power for both performance and battery life.

And now, the new V15 Detect is capable of detecting, removing, sizing and counting microscopic dust for scientific proof of a deep clean.

According to Dyson:

Laser dust detection reveals harmful dust particles invisible to the eye, while acoustic dust sensing counts and measures microscopic dust particles using a piezo sensor and then displays them on an LCD screen to give real-time scientific proof of a deep clean.

If you attach the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaner head to clean hard floors, you will be able to see particles that you can’t normally see with your bare eyes. This way, you don’t miss anything and can properly clean your floors.

But the coolest part of the new V15 is that the machine can detect the type and quantity of dust particles using the piezo sensor and then adapts power intelligently. You can then see these numbers on the LCD display (which was usually used to display the remaining battery life, among other information).

Looking at these stats on screen will not change anything in a sense, but it’s a visible proof that you can’t deny about how good the vacuum cleaner is. We usually measured this by how much dust and dirt got accumulated inside the bin canister, but this is a totally different league.

And I guess, if I can see how many dust mites I have in my bedroom, I might change my habit and start vacuuming more too!

We’re hoping to be able to get a hold of review unit and give a proper review. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our past reviews on the Dyson V11, V10, and V8 for comparisons.

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